Hemp Field Day

JMU faculty host an Industrial Hemp Field Day showcasing Virginia’s first hemp crop in close to 70 years. Read More

Core Services

To encourage, protect, and support development of JMU innovation which may be of value in the private sector or other external entities. In addition, to seek external partnership opportunities for such innovation.

  • Advises faculty and staff on Intellectual Property matters (e.g. patentability of research ideas), and advises on the potential for JMU Intellectual Property to be monetized (licensing, equity, start-ups etc).

  • Advises faculty and staff on how to monitor and link to current commercial sector interests and companies globally, in order to orient and facilitate JMU research such that it can be viewed as potential value by the market.

  • Advises faculty and staff on the complexities and nuances of development and commercialization of academic research in a wide variety of domains (medical/regulated, consumer electronics, chemical/biochemical).

  • Assists the Vice Provost for Research & Scholarship to develop, implement, and manage special projects of university, state, and national importance, to include the following focus areas: industrial hemp, biotechnology, alternative and renewable energy.

  • Assists the Office of Corporate and Foundation Relations to link faculty researchers to external NGO funding opportunities.

Profile: Graham Mott
Graham Mott,
Corporate and Technical Liaison

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