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State Tuition Assistance

Virginia’s State Budget does impact availability

2 year obligation with VaARNG after last use of State Tuition

Army & Air National Guard

  • Deadlines:
    • April 1 (Summer)
    • July 1 (Fall)
    • November 1 (Spring)

Apply online at https://vaapp.ngb.army.mil/StateTuition/ by deadline noted above. The application website will open approximately 45 days before the deadline date of each semester and will close at midnight of the deadline date.

  • Must have a degree plan on file and grades from previous semester
  • Must complete basic training and be a member in good standing
  • GPA must be 2.0 to be approved
  • Once approved by the VA National Guard Education Office at Fort Pickett, an e-mail will be sent to veteran
  • School will receive roster from the VA National Guard Education Office at Fort Pickett with $ amounts for students
  • School bills the VA National Guard Education Office at Fort Pickett
  • Payment is made to schools within 60-90 days


Grades need to be sent to Terri Stallings at terri.s.stallings.nfg@mail.mil Grades need to be sent in a word document or PDF no links and notebook removes all contents and snap shots are not always readable.

A soldier receiving federal and/or state tuition assistance is responsible for turning in grades thirty days after the semester ends.  Failure to turn in grades could result in failure to receive future tuition assistance.  

If classes need to be dropped because of military orders, a withdrawal form along with a copy of the orders will need to be supplied to the school.  If classes are dropped, withdrawn, repeated, failed or are incomplete and you have received tuition assistance for those classes, it is the soldier’s responsibility to reimburse the tuition assistance paid.  Failed, dropped, withdrawn, repeated or incomplete classes could result in a repayment of federal and/or state tuition assistance funds.  If repayment is not received, future tuition can be denied until funds are repaid and/or the account could be turned over to collections.  Students must maintain a 2.0 GPA to qualify. 


Points of Contact

ESO:   1LT Delmarie Carson  (delmarie.a.carson.mil@mail.mil)

NCOIC:  SFC Shani Taylor (shani.k.taylor.mil@mail.mil)

FTA:  Carlos Borrero (carlos.a.borrero4.civ@mail.mil)

STAP: Ms. Vickie Kegley (Vickie.a.kegley2.nfg@mail.mil)

Grades and Recoupment:  Ms Terri Stallings (terri.s.stallings.nfg@mail.mil)

Student Loan Repayment:  SGT Deatrice Crawley (Deatrice.l.crawley.mil@mail.mil)

MGIB: SPC Brian Carter(brian.m.carter1.mil@mail.mil)

Incentives:  SSG Joseph Cerak (joseph.j.cerak.mil@mail.mil)

Education and Incentives:   Phone 434-298-6222