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Student Veterans Association

Student Veteran Success Corps 

Members of the SVSC have made a commitment to connect with SVA chapters at their target schools to provide enhanced access to employment opportunities for veterans. Learn more about each organization's veteran hiring initiatives below. 

To view all of SVA's corporate partners, please visit the employment section of our website:


(Added 2/13/13)

February 2013 Newsletter for SVA with potential internships and jobs:

SVA February 2013 Job/Internship Update

(Added 2/27/13)

Career Opportunities for Veterans in the Water Sector

For more information, go to the Work for Water website.

(Added 8/24)

Virginia Department of Veterans Services Job Board

10 Reasons to Hire Vets

  1. Steep learning curve: veterans have the proven ability to learn new skills and concepts.

  2. Leadership: they understand the practical ways to manage behaviors for results.

  3. Veterans understand how genuine teamwork grows out of a responsibility to one's colleagues.

  4. They have learned to work side by side with individuals regardless of race, gender, and other diversities.

  5. Veterans have developed the capacity to perform under all types of pressure.

  6. Respect for procedures: veterans know how policies and procedures enable an organization to exist.

  7. Because of their experiences, veterans have the technological and global savvy all enterprises need to succeed.

  8. Integrity, which translates into sincerity, trustworthiness, and what it means to do "an honest day's work."

  9. Thanks to extensive training, veterans are aware of health and safety protocols for themselves and others.

  10. In addition to dealing with issues of personal maturity, veterans have frequently triumphed over great adversity.

 *Adapted from www.fortune.com