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Federal Tuition Assistance 

Army Federal Tuition Assistance

Active Duty, Army National Guard, Army Reserve, AGR, & Mobilized Title 10 Soldiers:

Soldiers must request Federal TA through www.GoArmyEd.com, prior to the course start date

Follow this link to step-by-step guidance on how to complete the Federal Tuition Assistance: http://www.mnveteranservice.org/documents/Applying_for_FTA_with_GOARMYED.pdf

Army National Guard TA Changes

The federal TA has gone through several changes in the last year. Below are some of them that may affect you:

SOU’s – SOU’s are now digitally signed and electronically submitted by member. Commander signature is no longer required.

Federal TA – As of 1 Jan 2014, soldiers are now required to have served at least one year after completion of AIT/BOLC. There are no exceptions to this rule. Soldiers are now limited to 16 semester hours per fiscal year. The $4500 cap is no longer the measuring stick. Once a soldier reaches 16 hrs during a fiscal year, she/he is no longer eligible to request TA until after the new fiscal year begins (1 Oct). Soldiers who have used 14 or 15 hours during a given fiscal year and wish to add a class must pay for the additional class as it will take them over the 16 hour limit. TA policy will not allow for payment for the additional class nor will they split the cost with member.  Soldiers working on a Master’s must have completed at least 10 yrs based on when member joined (PEBD). Member may continue to work on a Master’s if NO TA was used for any part of his/her Bachelor’s. Members working on a Master’s but have yet to reach 10 yrs of service have been granted an Exception to Policy until 30 Sept 2014. After 1 Oct 2014 all soldiers must meet the ten year time in service rule.

Course Planner  -  In addition to a degree plan soldiers are required to create a course planner and have it approved either by their school if they are authorized to do so or an Army Education Counselor. Soldiers must enter their courses in their planner and the courses must match what’s on their degree plan in order to get it approved.

ROTC  -  Soldiers on ROTC scholarships no longer eligible for Federal TA. Non-scholarship cadets remain eligible if other criteria is met.

Tuition  -  TA will not be authorized when tuition and fees are combined into one cost (bundling). Tuition and fees must be itemized before TA can be approved.

Exception to Policy  -  Only reasons for ETP’s are either counselor error or system error. No other reasons are accepted unless member just returned from deployment. Orders are required to verify when soldier returned.

Any questions concerning this changes may be addressed to your Army Education Counselor  at

Virginia Army National Guard -  434-298-6236

Army Reserve -  703-806-6314

 Air Force Tuition Assistance

 You must apply for Tuition Assistance online using the Air Force Virtual Education Center.  This must be done through the Air Force Portal at https://www.my.af.mil/.  There are six steps to completing the AFVEC online TA process.

    Additional Information: http://www.airforcetimes.com/careers/college/ONLINE.AFT.TUITION/

Navy and Marines Tuition Assistance

Complete the following application:


Coast Guard Tuition Assistance

Complete the steps listed at the following website: