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Dropping a class after the drop deadline will result in a 'W' on the transcript and applicable tuition charges.

Fall 2014 Enrollment
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Spring 2015 Enrollment
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Course Fee FAQ's

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Why am I being charged extra for this course?

To cover expenses associated with providing supplies, materials or software needed for experiments, projects, assignments and classroom instruction.

 But I pay tuition, shouldn't that cover those things?

Tuition is intended to cover expenses that are common to all (or most) students.  Course fees more equitably align the supplies/materials cost intensive courses with the students who take them.

 If I switch to another section of the same course, will I still have to pay the course fee?

Yes, the course fee applies to all sections of the course.

Can I get a refund of my course fee?  What happens if I drop or withdraw from the course?

Course fees will be credited back to your bill if you drop a course before the last day to drop a course without penalty.  Since materials are purchased in advance, we will be unable to refund fees if courses are dropped after that date.

Can I budget the course fee in with my payment plan?

Yes.  If the charges decrease, your payment plan will be decreased accordingly.  If charges increase, you will be notified by email and required to approve the increase by email response.

How will my course fee show on my bill?

The course fee will show up as a separate line on your bill.

Will my outside scholarship or 529 pay for my course fee?

The Virginia529 Prepaid plan can only be used to cover tuition.  Course fees are not Virginia529 eligible.    If you are using a 529 from a state other than Virginia or a bank, please check with the plan administrator for course fee eligibility.

Will I be eligible for more financial aid because of the course fee?

On average, the cost of course fees will have little effect on your financial aid.  Financial aid eligibility is determined using an average cost for tuition and fees, which includes course fees, but the impact on financial aid is marginal.

I’m auditing the course; can the course fee be waived?

Courses with course fees are supplies/materials intensive.  Auditing a course will still require the use and purchase of these supplies and materials for all students registered for the course (including those auditing the course).

I’m a veteran; can the course fee be waived?

Tuition and course fees are not discounted for any student. 

I’m an athlete; do I need to get permission from my athletic advisor before switching into or out of a course with course fees?

Please check with your athletic advisor about the applicability of your athletics scholarship to cover course fees.

I’m a parent.  I paid full-time tuition in advance and then my student switched into a course with extra fees.  Since I paid in advance can the course fee be waived?

Course fees and related expenses are specific to particular courses.  Most JMU courses do not require extra fees; however, selected courses that are expensive to produce do have extra fees that are not covered by tuition. Course fees cannot be waived.