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Classes and Workshops for Organizations

Did you know that the UREC Group Exercise staff can teach a one-hour class or workshop to your club or organization? Each program is an hour long.

If your club or organization is interested in doing a program, please fill out a Program Request Form and submit to Amanda Saccone at 2 weeks prior to the event.

The UREC Group Exercise Staff offers the below programs for your club or organization:

  • Yoga Class ($25)
    This class combines traditional yoga postures and modern fitness for an incredible mind/body workout that will increase strength, endurance, and flexibility. Appropriate for all fitness levels. 
  • Pilates Class ($25)
    Lengthen and strengthen the entire body while focusing on core. Exercises are performed on a mat. Additional equipment may be utilized. 
  • Group Fitness Class ($25)
    Choose from one of these regular class formats: 20/20/20, Body Sculpt, Core-Training, Water Fight, Step, Athletic Conditioning, BOSU, Cycle Fit, Hip Hop, Worldbeat Dance, Athletic Box, Power Yoga, and African Dance. 
  • Massage Workshop ($35)
    Information about massage, the benefits, and various techniques to use. Choose from either a hand/foot or partner massage workshop. 
  • Meditation ($25)
    Meditation allows you to turn inward in order to listen. If you're looking to start a meditation practice of your own, this workshop is for you. 
  • Stress Management ($25)
    How to deal with stress This program will define stress, identify ways to manage stress, and preventive techniques for stress.


PROMotion, Peers Reaching Others Through Motion, is a peer education group which promotes self-esteem and a healthy lifestyle through both physical and educational activities. PROMotion provides empowering and inspiring programs to those of all ages. Programs include both an educational component and a physical activity such as kickboxing or yoga. Let PROMotion motivate you to a new level of a healthy well-being! Please contact PROMotion at for more information.