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At UREC, we work to create an environment where our student employees can be inspired to grow in knowledge, skills and abilities that promote and advance healthy lifestyles. 

The mission of the UREC Student Development Committee is to provide programming to develop UREC students at the beginning, during and at the end their time of employment at UREC. To accomplish this mission, we provide training, D3 Student Leadership Series development sessions, and resources for our student staff. Questions? Contact the Assistant Director for Operations.

Student Leadership Series Fall 2018

UREC TEAM Challenge Course

  • Date: Sunday, September 2 (cap of 32 people)
  • Time: 1:30 – 3:00 pm & 3:00 – 4:30 pm
  • Location: TEAM Challenge Course
  • Presenter: Sasha Griffith
  • Description: Join UREC's TEAM (Team Empowerment with Adventure for Madison) Facilitators for a custom group teambuilding program just for UREC Employees. This programs is designed to encourage learning related to communication, leadership, trust, community-building and other custom outcomes that come up along the way. For this 1.5 hour program participants can expect (weather dependent) to climb up on the OIII High Ropes Course with a group and experience what it’s like to trust a group and the equipment to get across the challenges at height. Groups within each time slot will be randomly assigned. Other areas of development for participants include: Teamwork, Communication, Leadership, Problem Solving, Cohesion, Goal Setting and Decision Making, Integrity, Character, and Values, Change and Personal Growth.

D3 Discover: Life After the Dorm: How to Avoid Living in Your Parents’ Basement

  • Date: Tuesday, September 11 @ 6 pm
  • Location: Main Conference Room
  • Presenter: Paul Whatley
  • Description: Are you tired of living in student housing? Do you dream of owning a home just like or better than the one you grew up in? Whether your dream home is inspired by your childhood, HGTV, or The Kardashians, owning your own home is one part of The American Dream that can happen sooner than you might think. In this D3 session on real estate, Paul from Funkhouser Real Estate Group, will walk you through the process of buying and selling real estate to start you on the path toward your owning your dream home. As a bonus, I will be giving away a smart-home device to help you reach your goals. *You are encouraged to print off a picture of a home that you would like to be your first home to bring with you to the session*

D3 Discover: NIRSA 101 –Steve Bobbitt & Amy Ross

  • Date: Monday, September 17 & Thursday, September 27 @ 7 pm
  • Locations: TBD
  • Description: Ever heard UREC folks talk about NIRSA and wonder, “NIRSA? What’s that?” Well then this is the session for you! NIRSA is the national association for those who work in collegiate recreation programs (that’s us!). Come join us as we give you the insider scoop on all things NIRSA, including opportunities for your development, the upcoming national conference, and how you can apply for UREC funds to help pay for your conference registration! Snacks and water will be provided.

D3 Develop: Food For Thought

  • Date: Monday, Oct 8 @ 7 pm
  • Location: Demonstration Kitchen
  • Presenter: Brian Tran
  • Description: Have you ever thought about how YOU think about food? Is it possible that our collective views on food are what make finding a “healthy diet” so difficult? In this D3 series we will chat about our personal views on food and diet, then your very own Registered Dietitian, Brian Tran, will provide solid nutrition advice on each macronutrient. The goal of this class is to clear up some confusion on various diets and to provide applicable nutrition advice that you can use immediately upon completion.

D3: Discuss – “Hey, Check Out This Candidate – Are you Kidding Me?”

  • Date: Monday, October 15 @7pm
  • Location: Main Conference Room
  • Presenter: Joe Showker
  • Description: Who are YOU on social media? Be a viable hire by NOT sacrificing privacy and reputation online.

Remaining D3 Series information coming soon for Fall 2018!

Questions? Contact the Assistant Director for Operations.

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