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Student Employee Training and Development

At UREC, we work to create an environment where our student employees can be inspired to grow in knowledge, skills and abilities that promote and advance healthy lifestyles. 

The mission of the UREC Student Development Committee is to provide programming to develop UREC students at the beginning, during and at the end their time of employment at UREC. To accomplish this mission, we provide training, D3 Student Leadership Series development sessions, and resources for our student staff. Questions? Contact the Assistant Director for Operations.

Student Leadership Series Fall 2016

Develop: Time Management
Do you have trouble managing your time, or fitting everything you need or want to do into your schedule? Join us for a workshop that explains strategies for how to prioritize and make the most out of your time!

  • Tuesday 9/6, 7-8pm, UREC Main Conference Room
  • Wednesday 9/14, 7-8pm, UREC Main Conference Room

Discover: Spreading a little #NewRec
Join us to discover what it means to be an active, engage student employee at UREC. Be an advocate for development, positivity and motion to those around you.

  • Tuesday, 9/20, 7-8pm, UREC Main Conference Room
  • Wednesday, 9/28, 7-8pm, UREC Main Conference Room

Discuss: Really Achieving Your Childhood Dreams (Movie) 
Want to learn some lessons about living from someone who's dying? After learning he had terminal pancreatic cancer, Professor Randy Pausch had one chance to give his final lecture before dying, and he called it Really Achieving Your Childhood Dreams, now a New York Times best-selling book titled The Last Lecture. In this entertaining speech, he talks about his lessons learned and gave advice to students on how to achieve their own career and personal goals. Join us as we watch his inspiring talk and discuss his ideas and how they can apply to our own lives.

  • Monday, 10/10, 7-8:30pm, Club Room
  • Tuesday, 10/18, 7-8:30pm, Club Room

Discover: Women Leading Women
Women Leading Women is a chance for the women of UREC to come learn more about women in leadership roles, how to be an effect leader to other women, and how to encourage each other. By sharing experiences, giving advice, and listening we can all learn from each other. Come join us!

  • Monday, 11/7, 7-8pm, Instructional Room
  • Tuesday, 11/15, 4:30-5:30, Instructional Room

Discover: Men Leading Men
Have you ever wondered what traits male leaders need to possess in order to be successful within their career? Through this workshop, participants will examine the importance of an authentic male leader and establish strategies on how to effectively lead the individuals that drive an organization.

  • Tuesday, 11/29, 7-8pm, Instructional Room
  • Wednesday, 12/7, 7-8pm, Instructional Room

Develop: Managing Stress 

  • Monday, 12/12, 7-8pm, Instructional Room
  • Tuesday, 12/13, 7-8pm, Instructional Room

Ever wonder about the best ways to tackle your stress? This mental and physical workshop will take you through some interactive exercises to target what causes you the most stress, and how to best deal with those triggers. This workshop will finish off with a brief yoga practice to help you SPARK your mind for the week ahead. *Please come prepared in athletic attire. Mats will be provided.

Questions? Contact the Assistant Director for Operations.