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Training and Development

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Student Employee Training and Development

At UREC, we work to create an environment where our student employees can be inspired to grow in knowledge, skills and abilities that promote and advance healthy lifestyles. 

The mission of the UREC Student Development Committee is to provide programming to develop UREC students at the beginning, during and at the end their time of employment at UREC. To accomplish this mission, we provide training, D3 Student Leadership Series development sessions, and resources for our student staff. Questions? Contact the Assistant Director for Operations.

Student Leadership Series Fall 2017

  • Discover: Life Outside Your Comfort Zone
    • Date: Tues, Sept 5 @ 7 pm & Wed, Sept 13 @ 7 pm
    • Location: Main Conference Room
    • Presenter: Scott Arbogast, Assistant Director in Student Athletic Services
    • Description: Join us to hear how magic can happen in your life when you step outside your comfort zone.  Discover ways that you can enhance your life by making uncomfortable feel comfortable.
  • Discuss: The Combs Collaborative-Centered Leadership: How Talented People Thrive
    • Date: Mon, Sept 18 @ 6:30 pm & Tues, Sept 26 @ 6:30 pm
    • Location: UREC Meeting Room 124
    • Presenter(s): Aaron Combs, Assistant Director for Operations, UREC & Carrie Combs, Director of Advancement, Interim Director for Alumni Relations
    • Description: What enables some talented people to rise to the top and live their full ambitions at work and in life, while other's stop short? We'll use an article published by McKinsey & Company as the basis for our conversation. This new leadership model is based on years of research from across the academic fields of leadership, organizational behavior, neuroscience, evolutionary psychology and positive psychology. 
  • Discover: Tackling the Job Search: Transferable Skills
    • Date: Monday, October 2 @ 7 pm
    • Location: Main Conference Room
    • Presenter: Jay Pence, GA for Student Training & Development & Taylore Pence, Technology Manager
    • Description: What are transferable skills, and why are they important? Which are valued most by prospective employers? Join us to brainstorm transferable skills that are unique to your experiences and learn how they can be tailored to the career goals you have in mind!
  • Discuss: Strive to Serve
    • Date: Mon. Oct 9 @ 7 pm & Tues, Oct 17 @ 7 pm
    • Location: UREC Meeting Room 124
    • Presenter: Erica Foltz, Assistant Director for Member Services, Christian Miller, GA for Member Services or Kristin Gibson, Associate Director for UREC Services
    • Description: Take your service to the next level! Learn about your top three customer service strengths through video examples and a self-inventory. Discussions will focus on how you can apply these to exceed expectations within your role at UREC.
  • Discover: Spreading a Little UREC
    • Date: Wed, Nov 1 @ 7 pm & Tues, Nov 7 @ 7 pm
    • Location: UREC Main Conference Room
    • Presenter: Eric Nickel, Director University Recreation
    • Description: Join us to discover what it means to be an active, engaged student employee at UREC. Be an advocate for development, positivity and motion to those around you.
  • Discover: I Like Your Style…What Is It?
    • Date: Tues, Nov 14 @ 7 pm & Wed, Nov 29 @ 7 pm
    • Location: UREC Meeting Room 124
    • Presenter: Jon Corum, Coordinator for Intramural Sports & Inclusive Recreation
    • Description: The success of student learning at UREC involves providing students with opportunities that allow them to gain a collection of different skills in a collection of different ways. You may have heard that people learn in different ways, but have you ever identified the most effective learning style(s) for you? In this workshop, we will explore some learning style models and help you identify and articulate the style(s) that will prove most effective for your own learning.  
  • Develop: Active Rest for Stress Management
    • Date: Tues, Dec 5 @ 6 pm
    • Location: Mind/Body Studio 1
    • Presenter: Veronica Jones,  Associate Director for Health Education, Advocacy, & Prevention
    • Description: Discover how active rest can be a profound tool in managing stress and staying connected to the present moment.  In this session active rest will take the form of restorative yoga; there is no need to be flexible or strong.  The only thing required is a willingness to disconnect and let go of any expectations. 

Questions? Contact the Assistant Director for Operations.