Graduate Assistant, Intramural Sports and Inclusive Recreation

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UREC 251

As one of the first faces you’ll see walking into the new GA Suite, Teesha is seeking her graduate degree in Campus Recreation Leadership and is expected to graduate in May of 2018. Though born in Washington, Teesha calls Orlando, Florida home. Both of her Bachelor’s Degrees are from the University of Central Florida where she studied Anthropology and Sociology.

During her time at UCF, Teesha worked for three years at the Recreation and Wellness Center as a Program Assistant for Intramural Sports. While there, she programmed various leagues and officiated every sport that used a whistle. She particularly enjoyed officiating/getting yelled at by IM Floor Hockey players.

When not doing something work or school related, you can often find Teesha being a nerd. She loves Game of Thrones (her car’s name is Khaleesi), reading, writing, and astronomy. You also might find her at trivia on weeknights deeply confident in a wrong answer. Teesha is always down to talk about sports but she only listens to positive comments about the New Orleans Saints. WHO DAT!

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