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We love feedback at UREC and want to share some testimonials from recent participants about their experience on the TEAM Challenge Course:

  • LTLE 245.0002 – Leadership Class Fall 2014 - Take Aways from Sunday’s Challenge Course Program:
    • Scared at first, accomplished and EXHAUSTED at end
    • Encouragement, support from team – physical (reaching hands, touch, holding up), spiritual (cheering, encouragement, positive), cognitive (strategizing, problem solving)
    • Ground work helped us build communication skills, trust, connect
    • Problem solving – rethinking what we had done, strategizing on options
    • Risk taking – scared, wasn’t sure I could do it but did it
    • Self-talk was positive not negative, I can’t do this but I will
    • Took turns being leader, handed off on who would go first
    • Stayed calm, handled the crisis without panicking, we can do this
    • Proud of selves, each other, group hug
    • Bravery is doing what you are scared of, working through (in spite of) the fear
    • Stopping and thinking before rushing into action
  • Thank you so much for having us on the ropes course today. The team and staff really enjoyed it! The three facilitators were fantastic! They kept the group engaged and kept the program moving at a great pace. You really tailored it to our needs and Coach O and I really appreciate that because it allowed us to keep the day on track. And most importantly the recruit loved it! Thanks again and have a great weekend! -Tim Clark, JMU Women's Basketball Team

  • Our program was awesome! My staff and I enjoyed the course, and had a blast going through it. Mike and Todd are great facilitators and did a wonderful job walking us through the icebreakers and the course. Thank you for your help also in setting it all up. We used to do an end of training tubing trip on the river but at times that got to be a pain to organize and coordinate. It was a resounding YES from my staff when I asked them if we should start kicking off training with the ropes course every year! -Jeb Sarver, Madison Unions

  • Just wanted to send a quick note to tell you that we had a great time on Saturday. The ANTs loved the opportunity and had nothing but positive feedback (even our student in the walking boot and crutches), and Amberlee and Carly did a fantastic job guiding us through the various initiatives and debriefing to draw connections back to Orientation. Thanks again, and we're looking forward to more time with you all this summer. - Matt Skirven, JMU Orientation

  • Staff of UREC ropes course, Thank you so much for facilitating a full day of fun and bonding for Alpha Delta Pi! All of our sisters had a wonderful time and it really helped to bring us all closer together! We have had a lot of women asking when we can return, so thank you for what was a wonderful day! You all were wonderful! Thanks for all of your hard work and time! Sincerely, JMU Alpha Delta Pi

  • Sasha, Thank you so much for coordinating and running an amazing ropes course program for APO! It was such an amazing day and the brothers really grew from the experience. APO and JMU are so lucky to have such great leaders and opportunities at UREC! Thank you again, JMU Alpha Phi Omega

  • Hi Sasha! PEK wanted to say thank you to you and your amazing staff that helped us through the course last weekend. Although the weather was freezing, we all had a blast! We definitely will be returning to the course in the future. Please pass along the message to your staff that they rock! Thanks again, Devil Joseph, JMU ΦΣΚ

  • I really enjoyed the TEAM program! I thought the staff (my group specifically worked with Dillon and Kevin) did a great job of leading small facilitation after each low ropes activity. I really appreciated their ability to match our group's dynamic to specific activities that would help our small group. The variety of activities was perfect and I loved how they brought it together in the end instead of just dismissing us. I'm very excited to hear about how the program grows because I can tell that you all have created a very steady foundation! -Rebecca Cross, JMU Student

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