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Exercise and College Students

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The Importance of Exercise for College Students

“If you can get to the point where you’re consistently saying to yourself exercise is something that you want to do, then you’re charting a course to a different future – one that is less about surviving and more about thriving.”
- Dr. John Ratey

Building a healthy relationship with exercise for personal wellness is our goal for every Madison student. In an ever-changing world filled with stress, sedentary lifestyles and negative media-induced body image ideals, it is so important for our graduates to build healthy habits to utilize in college and beyond.

Our bodies are built to move and quite frankly, need to move! Exercise can be more than just about losing weight or looking good in a bathing suit. Exercise can build confidence, reduce stress, and improve learning and mental health. There are so many different ways to exercise - finding a workout you enjoy is the first step in building a healthier you.