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Thank you for your interest in supporting UREC! Private giving to UREC and James Madison University supports current and future efforts to offer excellent services, facilities and opportunities to promote healthy lifestyles at JMU. 


To ensure that your gift goes to UREC, please ensure that under "Gift Information" and "My Gift Will Support"- "University Recreation" is selected. Learn more about giving to James Madison University.

For more information about making financial contributions, please contact Kelly Snow, Director, Office of Annual Giving (, 540.568.2644) or Kristin Gibson.

Why Give?

Allison Mizer ('03)
In 2003, I sat on the Festival lawn as an enormous thunderstorm spoiled my chance to walk across the stage and receive my freshly inked diploma. Instead, I hugged my family and headed to the party with my bachelor of science in kinesiology and nothing more than completed applications and “resumes received.” Looking back, seven years later, not “walking” doesn’t matter. My life’s adventure had just begun. I’ve made three job changes, married my best friend, bought a house and moved to the Midwest. It has certainly been stressful and challenging at times, but my positive perspective and goal of always reshaping my life’s balance was molded during my time as a UREC student employee. I draw daily on the need to make health and wellness a priority no matter how life changes. As Winston Churchill said, “Healthy citizens are the greatest asset any country can have.” I believe this to be a fundamental need and UREC teaches this to every student who enters through the Welcome Center. Just as UREC taught me how to be healthy, it also encouraged me to take risks and to never stop learning. I might never have attempted yoga, climbed the wall, played flag football, or applied to be a Fitness Manager, had UREC not given me the opportunity and created an environment that was safe to test my limits. My life now is fuller because UREC taught me to be healthy, seek balance, take risks and never stop learning. UREC means so much to me that each month I commit to giving back. I know that what I give helps drive an important vision for the health and well-being of every student who goes to JMU. Each of those students will one day leave JMU and be citizens of the world – I want to make sure they have all the tools and fulfill that vision!

Tamer Mouman
UREC has had a lasting impact on my life because of the leadership opportunities and experiences I had as a student employee. My mentors at UREC, like Dr. Julie Wallace Carr and Eric Nickel, helped pave the way to the successful career I have now, running 5 fitness clubs in Northern Virginia. UREC taught me about being a role model through living a healthy lifestyle, which gives me more energy and also makes me more productive. UREC thrives on a performance and competitive culture which has driven me to strive for perfection in all I do; from learning the operations, to understanding why cleanliness and presentation is important for creating a service atmosphere for everyone. Supporting UREC is important to me because it’s my way of giving back for all of the leadership, mentorship, and friendships that I've cultivated along my journey. I give because of the huge impact that UREC has had on my life, and I want other students to have the same opportunities I did. I want to remind students to be thankful for the opportunity you have to work in this facility - be sure to absorb everything you can because in the real world, there are great opportunities to use these transferable skills.

Cathleen Murphy ('10)
I never dreamed that my employment at UREC would play such an important role in my life post-JMU. I began my employment at UREC early during my sophomore year. It gave me a niche both socially and in service. Even though teaching group fitness was "a job," I still felt like I was providing a service to the students and faculty. Once, while giving my parents a tour of campus, my dad joked that I attended "the University of UREC." In applying to graduate school, internships, and jobs, my resume reflected the amazing experiences that had I had been granted during my time at UREC. There is no doubt that working at UREC gave me a competitive edge both in academics and employment - and it helped me gain my position as an intern for the White House!