Possible Threat to the Community
"Your Right to Know"
February 11, 2003

In compliance with the "Timely Notice" provisions of the federal Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act of 1998 the University Police are giving notice of a disturbing act of violence alleged to have occurred within Washington DC, First District Metropolitan Police Public Service Area (PSA) 108 (Capitol Hill).

From PSA 108 Crime Alert issued February 10, 2003 by Bill Eaton beaton@jmail.umd.edu

Man with Knife Threatens Grocery Store Owner

A would-be robber with a knife tried but failed to open a cash register in a grocery store at 400 E. Capitol St. NE at 11:30 a.m. on 2/6. A clerk, who suffered cuts on her hands during the attempt, was taken to a hospital, treated and released. Police issued a lookout for a white man, 25 years old, 5'9 with a light complexion, wearing a red cap and green military fatigues.


PSA Officers Spending One Hour a day With People in PSA 108

Under a new policy ordered by Metro DC Chief Charles Ramsey, officers assigned to Patrol Service Area 108 and the other 82 PSAs in the city have been instructed to spend an hour each day talking to residents and business owners. The aim apparently is to listen to concerns about crime from ordinary citizens and improve police officers' relations with the communities they serve. In connection with this outreach effort, Officer Rita Hunt has provided the following list of PSA 108 officers and the shifts they are now working:

It can be assumed that conditions continue to exist that may pose a threat to members and guests of the Washington DC, Capitol Hill (PSA 108) community. It is the duty of the institution to warn of possible "dangerous conditions" on or near its Washington Semester Program area; an "affirmative duty" exists to warn persons associated with this university program of possible peril at the hands of some third party or parties. Consider carefully whether your presence at the referenced location or establishment is necessary and could place you in danger.

Please forward this notice to your colleagues and post it on appropriate bulletin boards in your area. If you have any information that might be helpful, contact the Washington DC Metro Police First District HQ by telephone at (202) 727-4660; if you wish to make a report in person the Capitol complex, Capitol Hill and Stanton Park fall within the Metropolitan Police First District, more specifically Patrol Service Areas (PSA) 107 and 108 served by the stub-station located at 500 "E" Street, SE non-emergency telephone 727-4655 (for all emergencies dial 911). The federal United States Capitol Police also have primary jurisdiction within the Capitol complex and limited jurisdiction within PSA 108, the Capitol Hill residential area. The station is located at 119 "D" Street NE (within sight of 1st and "D" Streets' intersection), non-emergency telephone 224-1677, and emergency again 911. The PSA 108 Public Information Officer is Rita Hunt, again at 727-4660. You also may make contact with Bill Eaton at PSA 108 by e-mailing him at beaton@jmail.umd.edu.

Be advised that the U.S. Capitol Police jurisdiction extends to "H" Street in the North, 7th Street in the east and west, and as far south as "P" Street. The Capitol Police provide intensive patrol of the Capitol complex and the Capitol Hill area out to 3rd street NE and SE (East Capitol Street serves as the line separating NE from SE). That is that department's primary jurisdiction with attendant routine patrol; beyond 3rd out to 7th is considered that department's extended patrol area with no routine patrol, but with checks of the homes of members of Congress. The liaison officer for the Capitol Police in Public Information Officer (PIO) Jessica Gissubel, telephone 224-1677.

Thank you.