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Cadet Program

Deputy Chief Phil Baker
Patrol Commander
Anthony Seeger, MSC 6810
821 South Main Street
Harrisonburg, VA 22807
Telephone - 540.568.4777
Voice Mailbox - 950
Email - bakerjp@jmu.edu

Sgt. Frank Stilson
Cadet Program Coordinator
Anthony Seeger, RM 1017, MSC 6810
Harrisonburg, VA 22807
Telephone - 540.568.6767
Voice Mailbox - 957
Email - stilsofw@jmu.edu 

Cadet Supervisor
Pat Smith II Cadet Supervisor (S-1)
Anthony Seeger, RM 1006, MSC 6810
Harrisonburg, VA 22807
Email  s1jmupdcadet@gmail.com


The goal of the James Madison University Police Cadet Program is to ensure the safety and welfare of the campus community, to serve the inhabitants of this community, to assist JMU's sworn Officers, and to reduce the impact of crime on the university and its inhabitants through patrol and the apprehension and adjudication of persons involved in criminal offenses.

The Program and the Department of Police and Public Safety are committed to the educational process and total student development of its Cadet personnel. The administration of this organization realizes the importance of maturation and strives to continually enhance the learning process for its student employees.

The James Madison University Police Cadet program was formed in the mid 1970's. Presently the program has approximately 30 student cadets who work different security functions throughout the University campus. The cadets are the eyes and ears of the Police Department. They supplement the Police Departments force. The cadets have no police powers and are instructed to contact the police if they see a crime occurring.

The cadets duties include patrolling of assigned areas, securing academic and administrative buildings, escorts, and other security related functions of the campus. The cadets are all students at James Madison University. Any student, of at least sophomore status, can apply for a cadet position. Applications are received and reviewed, favorable candidates will receive a phone call to come in for an interview.

Currently, the cadet program is coordinated by Sgt. Rick Biller. For further information regarding the James Madison University Police Cadet program contact Sgt. Biller.

Information can also be obtained from Lead Cadet Supervisor (S-1).  He also can be contacted for further information regarding the James Madison University Police Cadet program.

Job Description


Cadets will patrol campus and work special events to ensure the safety and welfare of the JMU community and all visitors to JMU. All cadets will be under the direct supervision of a cadet supervisor and the program coordinator. Cadets will at times perform their duties with a high degree of independence, exercising considerable judgment, tact, and integrity in the completion of their responsibilities.

General Duties and Responsibilities

  • Efficiently complete all tasks assigned
  • Bring any situation of significance to the attention of a Supervisor
  • Perform duties in accordance with Cadet policy
  • Be on time for all assigned shifts
  • Notify the on-duty Supervisor as to why they may not be able to work
  • Obey all orders transmitted by superiors
  • Perform other duties as assigned by a Supervisor and/or the Program Coordinator

Skills, Knowledge and Abilities

  • Ability to communicate well verbally and in writing
  • Ability to use discretion and maintain confidential information
  • Ability to interact in a courteous manner with Program members, the Police Department, and the general public


  • Must be an active degree-seeking student at James Madison University of at least sophomore status
  • Must pass a Criminal History check
  • Must be mature, have a neat appearance, and the ability to meet and deal professionally with the public
  • Must have a minimum G.P.A. of 2.0
  • Must be willing to work primarily night shifts, most running to midnight or later
    How to Apply

To apply for a cadet position with the JMU Police Department please visit http://joblink.jmu.edu