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Used Equipment

The following information is taken from the Commonwealth of Virginia Purchasing Manual for Institutions of Higher Education and Their Vendors, Section 3-Procurements with Special Considerations.

Used equipment may be purchased using non-competitive negotiation upon a written determination that there is only one sole source practicably available for the used equipment.    Used equipment is that which has been previously owned and used and is offered for sale under "where is, as is" conditions.    It does not include demonstration or factory rebuilt items marketed through distributors.

Complete information describing the item must be provided to the purchasing department, including the seller's price in writing.    Prior to preparation of a purchase order, the purchasing department must obtain a written statement from a person who is technically knowledgeable of the type of equipment to be purchased, normally the end user, verifying the condition of the equipment, its future usefulness, and that its purchase would be in the best interest of the institution.