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Telecommunication Products and Services

Cellular Phones

James Madison University Policy No. 1505 requires that the university will provide cell phones for shared departmental use only. All university provided departmental cell phones must be approved by the appropriate senior vice president prior to phone purchase and service contract implementation. An approved written request and justification must be submitted to Telecommunications.  Additional information regarding procurement of departmental cellular phones for university use is available on the Telecommunications website.

For short term cell phone rentals, please call Telecommunications at 568.6471 or send e-mail to telecom@jmu.edu.

Two-Way Radios (fixed, mobile and hand-held)

Two-way radios must be procured through Procurement Services in coordination with Police & Safety which oversees the hardware requirements.  Radio frequencies are distributed in accordance with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) regulations and in cooperation with the Virginia Information Technologies Agency (VITA).   Please contact Doug Chester for information and assistance.


To order new pagers, or for pager repairs, please contact Telecommunications at 568-6471 or send e-mail to telecom@jmu.edu.