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 Ordering Overview

· Contact a vendor you would like to work with so that they can assess your copier needs and provide recommendations.

· The vendor will provide you with a proposal and/or pricing information that you will use to make a decision about your new copier.

· Once you select a copier, you will complete a purchase requisition with the new copier information. If you need an existing copier picked up, you will also note it on this form.

· Forward the original paper copy of the purchase requisition and the proposal/pricing information to Mindy Koon in Procurement at MSC 5720.

· Your order will be placed in eVA by Procurement Services and a copy of the purchase order and any confirming paperwork will be emailed to you. Please note that copier orders should not be entered into eVA by anyone other than Procurement Services as copier leases are charged to the University’s Credit Card.


IT Requirement: Copiers containing an internal hard drive must have an encryption/overwrite security feature included on the machine to prevent confidential information from potentially leaving the university. Please ask your copier representative if the machine being ordered includes this feature and for cost information if you need to order it with your machine.


For additional information, please view: Copier Frequently Asked Questions.




Cobb Technologies

Tom Cavanaugh


Ricoh USA, Inc.

Jesse Warf



Virginia Business Systems

Paul Hedrick


Xerox Corporation

Donna Hughs




Contact Procurement Services for the pickup of an existing copier. Prior to contacting Procurement Services, be sure to have available the copier model number, equipment id number (if applicable), serial number, and approximate date for pickup. Procurement will issue a copier pickup letter and email you a copy. Please note that Procurement Services will not schedule pickup of the old copier until the new copier is in place.


For questions concerning copier leases, please contact Mindy Koon in Procurement Services at 568-4280. For questions concerning copier payments, please contact Jane Swope in Reporting at 568-3790.