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Office Equipment and Supplies

There are many state contracts for Office Equipment and Supply items. Please check the DPS Contracts before purchasing these items.

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Office Supplies

Office Supplies, other than writing instruments, may be purchased from a variety of sources.  The Supply Room Company and Guy Brown (formerly Concerto) are both on the optional state contract for office supplies (both are in eVA with punch-out catalogs and are SWAM vendors).  B-K office supply, Millers Office Products Inc. and Faye's Office Supply are others that may also be utilized.  We encourage you to purchase office supplies from eVA vendors that have an established cooperative contract in Virginia or are certified SWAM vendors.  With the number of office supply eVA vendors available in those two areas we are discouraging purchases from non-contract or non-SWAM vendors.

Information regarding COSTCO: Purchases can be made from COSTCO using a not to exceed DO from eVA.  The order should be taken to the COSTCO customer service desk before picking up the items, so the user can be directed to the appropriate register.  Additional COSTCO ordering guidelines are available.

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Office Equipment

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