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Furniture Purchases


The Code of Virginia requires James Madison University (JMU) to purchase furniture and filing cabinets from Virginia Correctional Enterprises (VCE). JMU must use VCE unless VCE does not manufacture the goods (or equivalent) required, or grants a release to JMU for the purchase. To obtain a written release you must submit your vendor quote of actual items, a written justification, and a picture with specifications to Procurement Services (FAX 568-7935, or MSC 5720).

VCE Information

Information on most of the goods and services available from VCE is contained in the Virginia Correctional Enterprises catalog.  Currently, the on-line catalog does not show all the products available from VCE.  For specific information such as quotes and product availability, departments should contact the VCE representative for James Madison University, Karl Schnurr at 703.995.9772 or fax number 703.934.5670, email: karl.schnurr@vadoc.virginia.gov.

Panel System Design

VCE Panel System design services will be provided by Virginia Correctional Enterprises for a $35.00 hourly charge. Contact the Virginia Correctional Enterprises representative, Karl Schnurr at 703.934.0883 or fax number 703.934.5670 to schedule these services.

How To Order - (NOTE:  VCE can now accept charge card orders)

Lead times vary from 10 days to 90 days.

Delivery Information

Catalog prices include shipping to your delivery dock, or if you do not have a delivery dock, when items are removed from the delivery vehicle. These prices do not include unboxing, setup or removal of trash.

To have your furniture delivered and installed (includes unboxing with setup and trash removal) inside your building, add 13% for VCE Systems Furniture or 5% for other VCE furniture if the order is under $5,000.00 and 8% for orders $5,000.00 or over to the total order and include on the purchase order. Also include the name and phone number of a contact person.

For VCE furniture orders totaling less than $5000:

All furniture purchases must be entered into eVA, preferably by using the VCE punch-out catalog.  After the order is submitted through eVA, it will automatically flow to Procurement for approval.  Once Procurement has reviewed the eVA order it will be approved and electronically sent to VCE.

For VCE furniture totaling over $5000 or non-VCE furniture:

Departments must enter all furniture orders into eVA.  After the order is submitted through eVA, it will automatically flow to Procurement for approval.  If it is a Non-VCE furniture order, a written release must be obtained from VCE through Procurement Services.  To obtain a VCE furniture release, the following must be faxed to Procurement (8-7935):

  • quote, product information, picture, etc
  • written justification as to why you are not purchasing from VCE

Procurement completes the release form based on the justification you provide and sends it to VCE for approval.  Once VCE has approved your request Procurement will approve your eVA requisition.  If the release has been denied Procurement will deny your eVA requisition and contact you immediately.

Used Furniture - any price

It may be in the best interest of the University to purchase used furniture. Used furniture is defined as that which has been previously owned and used and is offered for sale "where is, as is". It does not include demonstration or factory rebuilt items marketed through distribution outlets. Complete information describing the item must be included on the requisition along with a written quotation from the seller and a written statement from a person who is technically knowledgeable of the item verifying the condition of the item and its usefulness.

Furniture may be available from surplus property within JMU, from other agencies or from the Commonwealth's surplus property warehouses. The requesting department is responsible for any costs associated with obtaining this furniture (purchasing from another agency, delivery, etc). Contact the Surplus Property Office or Mark Colopy at extension 86931 for more information.

For furniture purchasing questions please contact Dana Simmers (8-5113) in Procurement Services.