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James Madison University is an agency of the Commonwealth of Virginia and must conform to the laws of the Commonwealth.   JMU has received full procurement delegation from the Department of General Services, Division of Purchases and Supply.   Therefore, the procurement procedures at JMU may vary from other agencies within the Commonwealth.

The "Commonwealth of Virginia Purchasing Manual for Institutions of Higher Education and Their Vendors" explains the purchasing procedures and the terms and conditions under which JMU contracts for goods, equipment, supplies, printing and services.

Information for JMU eVA users

Computer Purchases

If you are purchasing a new computer, JMU's Technology department has developed recommended computer configurations.  Those recommended configurations are on the Dell and Apple pages that each vendor has set up for the university.  Use the following link to access JMU's Computer Contracts with Dell and Apple.   For additional information about purchasing or leasing a computer contact Doug Chester.


Contracts and Mandatory Sources

Listed below are contracts from various sources.   Using these contracts can reduce the amount of time needed to purchase an item by eliminating the bid process.   Purchasing an item which is available on one of the State Contracts from a vendor other than the contract vendor requires a justification process.   Please check these contracts prior to purchasing an item because they change frequently.

Helpful Links

Following are links to information which will help you through the procurement process.


Supplier Diversity Program

Participation of Small, Women and Minority Businesses