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Mission, Vision, and Values

Mission Statement

The Mission of the Office of Procurement Services is to provide efficient and responsive customer service in facilitating the purchase of goods and services in support of the University’s mission and goals; to maintain best practices that follow the laws of The Commonwealth of Virginia and to support vendor advocacy by developing a competitive and diversified vendor base that will provide the highest value products and services to the campus community.

Vision and Values

The following is the Vision of our department that has been formulated jointly by the entire staff of Procurement Services. Also listed are the corresponding Values we see as important to maintain in order to ultimately achieve the Vision and Mission of James Madison University’s Office of Procurement Services. 

(1)             The Office of Procurement Services is valued by the JMU Community for providing excellent customer service. (timeliness, commitment, and foresight)

(2)             We, as a staff, work together with common goals and with an understanding that each individual who works for Procurement Services is a valuable member of the team and shall be respected as such. (respect, compromise, integrity, trust, teamwork and honesty)

(3)             We are seen as a model for best procurement practices across the Commonwealth of Virginia. (professionalism, knowledge, ethics, pioneers, experience, resourceful, flexible, adaptable, accepting of change and proactive)

(4)             We are respected within the vendor community for our ethics in procurement. (fairness, professionalism, impartiality and honesty)

(5)             We promote the concept of increasing supplier diversity while ensuring the highest level of quality, service and competition is afforded to our internal University customers. (mediators, empathy, professionalism, resourceful, partners and advocate)

(6)             We partner with multiple State agencies to increase our supplier base for competition and diversity. (network and creativity)

(7)             We provide the procurement training necessary for all employees of the University who have responsibilities relating to purchasing. (educate, nurture, empathy and patience)

(8)             We serve the best interests of the University in our overall professional procurement practices as representatives of the University in the local community and within the global vendor marketplace. (integrity, ethical, tactful, discretion, honesty and professional representation)