JMU Search Committee Meets

On December 08, 2010, James Madison University President, Dr. Linwood H. Rose, announced that he would step down in the summer of 2012. Following Roseís announcement, Board Rector, Mr. James Hartman appointed Mr. Joseph Damico to chair the Presidential Search Committee. Mr. Damico is a current member of the JMU Board of Visitors and a former Rector.

Since that time, Mr. Hartman has appointed an inclusive and collaborative group of individuals to serve on the Presidential Search Committee. These committee members are charged with informing and advising the Board of Visitors in making its decision on the selection of the next president of the University.

"I am pleased that Mr. Damico has accepted my request to serve as the Presidential Search Committee Chairman. I have great confidence in his leadership and in the Search Committee members who have been chosen. The Board looks forward to receiving the Committeeís recommendations," said Hartman.

The committee members are as follows:

Joseph F. Damico, '76, '77 Former Rector and Current Member of the JMU Board of Visitors and graduate of the JMU College of Business.
Warren K. Coleman '79, '81 Current Member of the JMU Foundation Board, former President of the JMU Duke Club Board and parent of JMU alum.
Robert T. Jerome Speaker of the Faculty Senate, Professor of Economics in the College of Business. (29 years of service)
Christie-Joy "C.J." Brodrick Hartman Executive Director of the Institute for Stewardship of the Natural World and associate professor of Integrated Science & Technology (7 years of service)
Sharon E. Lovell '85 Interim Dean for the College of Integrated Science and Technology & Professor of Psychology (20 years of service)
LouAnn Lovin Associate Professor in Department of Middle, Secondary and Mathematics Education; Program Coordinator for the K-8 Mathematics Specialist Masters Program; (10 years of service).
Jon E. Offley '89 Former President & current member of the JMU Alumni Association and Senior Counsel for the Housing Authority of Baltimore City
Andrew Reese (student) President of JMU Student Government Association, Int'l Affairs, Political Science & History triple major
Wharton "Zie" B. Rivers Vice Rector of the JMU Board of Visitors and parent of JMU alum.
Judith ìJudyî S. Strickler '60 Current JMU Board of Visitors member and parent of JMU alum.
Michael M. Thomas '76, '77 Chairman of the JMU College of Business Executive Advisory Council, partner with Booz Allen Hamilton and JMU parent.
Nick Langridge '00, '07 (Secretary, non-member) Assistant to the President
Ron Forehand Senior Assistant Attorney General of Virginia, Chief of the Education Section

"We are very pleased with the quality of the individuals who have committed to serving on the Presidential Search Committee. These members bring the perspectives of key constituencies of the University including the Board of Visitors, faculty and staff, students, alumni, parents, the JMU Foundation and the local community. Such representation was intentional and designed to encompass the diverse community that comprises our University. Dr. Linwood Rose has led this institution with excellence and it will be difficult to replace him. The Universityís reputation will undoubtedly attract many highly qualified candidates and I have confidence that the people and process supporting this search will lead to the selection of a capable successor," said Damico.

The Search Committee met for the first time on Thursday, January 06, 2011. During that meeting the group received its charge from the JMU Board Rector, Mr. Hartman, as well as, information regarding expectations, process and timing from the Search Committee Chair, Mr. Damico.

Search Process:

Phase I: Select and Orient Search Committee
Phase II: Procure a Presidential Search Firm
Phase III: Gather Input and Define Desired Attributes and Qualifications
Phase IV: Establish Evaluation Criteria
Phase V: Recruit and Develop Pool of Candidates
Phase VI: Review, Interview and Evaluate Candidates
Phase VII: Make Formal Recommendation to the Board of Visitors
Phase VIII: Board of Visitors Extend Formal Offer to Desired Candidate

Note: Communication is not listed as a Phase in that there will be ongoing periodic updates throughout the phases of the process. In addition, this schedule is subject to revisions upon hiring a Presidential Search Firm and its resulting consultation on search process.