Identify Job Titles that Interest You

Use the career development resource library at JMU's Office of Career and Academic Planning to research job titles that interest you and then find out more information about these positions. The Resource Center has over 500 career development books. The list below identifies a range of titles of interest to those considering a law-related career. Click on each title for a brief description of the book; you can read the books in person in Wilson Hall Room 303. The Center is open Monday-Friday from 8am to 5pm, and peer educators are available if you have questions.

Careers in Law

Careers in Criminal Justice and Related Fields

Careers in International Affairs

Careers for Legal Eagles & Other Law-and-Order Types

How to Land your First Paralegal Job

The Official Guide to Legal Specialties

Running from the Law: Why Good Lawyers Are Getting Out of the Legal Profession

Fifty Legal Careers for Non-Lawyers

After considering a range of job possibilities, look for similarities and differences among the jobs that interest you. Then consider the information you gleaned about yourself through the decision-making programs listed above. How does your personality relate to the job description? Do you seem more or less suited for a particular type of work, job or culture?