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Articulation Agreements

What is an "articulation agreement"?

An articulation agreement is a formal arrangement between James Madison University and the school offering a graduate professional physical therapy degree whereby JMU students who have an interest in attending such schools may apply and be accepted into such a school so long as the student has met the minimal requirements for admission.

Does every JMU student who meets the minimal admission requirement qualify?

This depends on the arrangement between JMU and the physical therapy program. Some arrangements between JMU and the physical therapy program allow for an unlimited number of JMU students to be admitted into their program. Other schools will put a limit on the number of students.

Does this mean that only a certain number of JMU students will be accepted to a physical therapy school?

No. It means that a certain number of JMU students will be accepted to the physical therapy school under the agreement. For example, if the school's agreement allows for 5 JMU students to be admitted, once they have chosen the five from JMU who they feel most qualify those 5 students would be admitted under our articulation arrangement regardless of the pool of applicants that a school has that particular year. The remaining JMU students would compete with the rest of the applicants for acceptance into the physical therapy school.

How do I learn more about specific articulation agreements?

Click on the schools identified on this page and all of the details associated with each agreement can be viewed.

When should I start planning my academic coursework and pre-professional preparation if I am interested in attending a school that has an articulation agreement with JMU?

If you are interested in attending PT school, you should begin your planning as soon as possible. You should be sure to contact an advisor who can direct you in taking the appropriate courses and inform you of the opportunities available at JMU for you to develop a pre-professional portfolio of experiences.