Political Science Major




B.A. Degree Requirements:


Foreign Language (proficiency at intermediate level 2 years)

____1. ____2. ____3. ____4.


____Philosophy 3 credit hours. May not also be counted toward GENED


Please note: MATH 220 is a pre-requisite for the required course, POSC 295, so you must take MATH 220.


Major Requirements:


Core: Credit hours

____GPOS 225 US Government 4

____POSC 201 Western Political Theory 3

____POSC 295 Research Methods 4

____POSC 230 International Relations OR 3

GPOSC 200 Global Politics OR POSC 240

____POSC 492 Senior Seminar 4


Depth Requirement: Take 9 credit hours

total at the 300 level or above from three of

the four areas of political inquiry listed

below. See catalog for listing of courses.

Choose three: 9

____Comparative politics upper level course

____International relations upper level course

____Political theory upper level course

____American politics upper level course


Electives: Take any two POSC courses from

the 300 level or above. You may substitute

PPA 265 for one of these courses.

____POSC elective* 3 or 4

____POSC elective* 3 or 4

Total Credits 33-35

*POSC 493 Simulations and POSC 495 Internship are four credit hour courses that may be used for elective credit.