Graduate Certificate Program in
International NGO Management

May 16th to June 10th, 2016



The internship (PUAD 697) provides the capstone experience of this certificate program. It reinforces skills and knowledge gained in earlier courses. It also provides participants with valuable experience and contacts as they seek to pursue a career in international NGOs. The internship requirement is waived for participants in this certificate program who are already substantively employed with a relevant NGO.

Although the content of each internship varies with the organization providing it, internship providers cooperate with the certificate program by providing the intern with 300 or more hours of meaningful work experience. These internships will:

  •  socialize students into a professional work environment
  •  give them tasks that offer a reasonable challenge for their level of education and experience
  •  develop them professionally both via direct work experience and learning via observation at their internship site

In addition, under the supervision of the program’s faculty, students engage in professional reading and research designed to enrich further their understanding of the management of international NGOs.

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