Graduate Certificate Program in
International NGO Management

May 16th to June 10th, 2016



PUAD 650. Management in International Non-Governmental Organizations
3 credits.
No matter what the mission of an NGO, it won’t be achieved without effective planning, coordination, and direction. PUAD 650 engages the future NGO manager in the details of employing resources—human and fiscal—to achieve successful, accountable service delivery. Students focus on the core competencies related to what NGOs do, who does what, how it’s done, and how NGOs account for what they do. Students practice the knowledge and skills acquired in each session’s learning module in a case study exercise.

PUAD 651. (cross-listed as MBA 651) The International Non-Profit Sector
3 credits.
Non-profit organization as an alternative and a competitor to private firms and private markets is at the center of this economics course designed for non-economics majors. The main emphasis is on the effects of diverse economic systems, transitional economies and traditional economies on the choice between profit and non-profit arrangements. The interaction of economic and non-economic factors like religious beliefs and other normative value references in management strategy is given special attention. A discussion of relevant economic policies with regard to international NGOs concludes the course.

PUAD 652. The Politics of International NGO Management
3 credits.
This course examines the implications of varied domestic political contexts for the design and implementation of projects conducted by international NGOs. The first portion of the course provides an overview of political distinctions with an emphasis on developing skills for researching political and societal contexts in countries new to the employee. The course then examines specific case-based political scenarios and the distinctive challenges that they can pose for NGO operations. Students will design an advocacy program and engage in grant writing in support of that program.

PUAD 653. Ethics and International NGOs
3 credits.
This course introduces students to the ethical issues raised by the theory, planning, and action of international NGOs. The course will examine both general issues within the contemporary humanitarian enterprise as well as some of the particular challenges faced by NGOs in their dealings with political and military authorities. Students will be acquainted with some of the analytical and normative tools with which to craft personal and institutional responses to these challenges.

PUAD 697. Internship in NGO Management
6 credits.
A supervised professional administrative experience with a non-governmental organization. Requires 300 hours of work. Assigned readings, reports and a research paper are also required. Prerequisite: Permission of instructor. [For more details, click on the INTERNSHIPS link.]

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