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Full-Time FacultyPart-Time FacultyEmeritus FacultyStaff

Full-Time Faculty

Melinda Adams (JMU Coordinator for Prestigious Scholarships)

Jessica R. Adolino (Associate Dean, School of Public and International Affairs)

Robert W. Alexander (Coordinator, Environmental Studies Minor)

Charles H. Blake (JMU Faculty Ombudsperson)

Andreas Broscheid (Assistant Director, JMU Center for Faculty Innovation)

Jennifer Byrne (Associate, JMU Center for Faculty Innovation)

Jie Chen (Dean, JMU Graduate School)

Elaine M. Chisek (Liaison, JMU Academic Advising; Advisor, departmental Career Peer Advisors)

Martin Cohen (Member, College of Arts & Letters Curriculum & Instruction Committee)

Kerry Crawford (Coordinator, Graduate Certificate in International NGO Management)

Kathleen Ferraiolo (Editor, departmental Political Currents newsletter)

Keith A. Grant (Advisor; student honor societies for political science, public administration, & international affairs)

Scott J. Hammond (Assistant Department Chair; Coordinator, Political Science major)

Glenn P. Hastedt (Department Chair for the Justice Studies major at JMU)

Flavio Hickel Jr. (Liaison, JMU Libraries)

John W. Hulsey (Coordinator, International Affairs major; Liaison, IdLS and ISS programs)

Manal A. Jamal (Professor in Residence, Global Affairs Washington Semester)

David A. Jones (Director, Washington Center; Professor in Residence, U.S. Politics & Policy Washington Semester)

Bernd Kaussler (Director, Semester in Scotland)

Jonathan W. Keller (Department Chair, JMU Department of Political Science)

Timothy M. LaPira (Coordinator, Continuing Education Certificate in Government Relations)

Hak-Seon Lee (Departmental Coordinator, Honors Program Capstone Projects)

Howard L. Lubert (on leave during the fall 2016 semester)

Fred D. Mayhew (Director, Master of Public Administration program)

Ji H. Park (Member, College of Arts & Letters Faculty Advisory Committee)

Liliokanaio Peaslee (Coordinator, Public Policy & Administration major; Advisor, Public Affairs Student Organization)

Robert N. Roberts (Member, Institutional Review Board)

Kenneth R. Rutherford (Director, Center for International Stabilization and Recovery)

John Scherpereel (Director, EU Policy Studies Masters Program & Semester in Florence; Coordinator, Modern European Studies minor)

Valerie A. Sulfaro (Coordinator, Political Communication minor; Member, Institutional Review Board)

Nicholas J. Swartz (AVP for Research & Scholarship; Director, Madison Center for Community Development)

Jennifer A. Taylor (Coordinator, Departmental Internship Program)

Amanda J. Cleveland Teye (on leave during the fall 2016 semester)

Kristin N. Wylie (on leave during the fall 2016 semester)

Yi Edward Yang (Faculty Liaison, JMU International Study Center)

Part-time Faculty

A.R. "Pete" Giesen, Jr.

Jessica Minnis-McLain

John Newman

Cynthia Page

Lynne Weikart

Emeritus Faculty

Anthony J. Eksterowicz

Kay Knickrehm

B. Douglas Skelley

Robin L. Teske

Visit our web page honoring the Department of Political Science emeritus faculty.


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