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Samantha Lane

Class of 2018

IdLS major, Elementary Education minor

Ashburn, VA

Hey everyone! My name is Samantha Lane and I’m a sophomore at JMU. I am from Ashburn, Virginia, which is in Loudoun County in Northern Virginia. I am an IdLS (Interdisciplinary Liberal Studies) major, with an Elementary Education minor. I am set to graduate in 2018, but I will be staying another year to complete my master’s program. I will be certified to teach Kindergarten-6th grade, but I find that I most enjoy teaching 3rd-5th grade. I believe that teaching has always been my calling, and I am excited to see what the future holds for me in this field!

Out of all the wonderful things I enjoy about working at the Planetarium, my favorite part is getting to learn something new that I can teach to other people. I love seeing people’s reactions when we light up our star ball and show them a completely un-light polluted sky. I love watching people’s faces light up as we teach them about the stars in the sky and what they meant to people so long ago. And perhaps most of all, I love being a part of a group that gives back to our community with such passion for science and fascination with worlds we have never even been to yet.

In addition to my work at the Planetarium, I am the rising Vice President of the College Democrats chapter on our campus, and a general body member of Madison Equality. When I’m not working with these organizations, I’m usually in Carrier Library with my Starbucks and my homework!