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Kendyl Combs

Class of 2018

Biology major with a concentration in Ecology and Environmental Science

Richmond, VA

Fun Facts: I sang in a jazz band in high school and I’m also a certified scuba diver despite the fact that I’m afraid of fish.

I found out about the Planetarium through a research opportunity that I was involved in during the second semester of my freshman year. Since it was still pretty early in my college career, I thought it would be perfect to explore outside of my biology-based comfort zone and see how else I could get involved in the scientific community at JMU. Now, I get to share my excitement with a future generation of scientists and they’re helping me grow in return. Thanks to my job at the John C. Wells Planetarium, my confidence has drastically improved, I am building a newfound level of independence, and I’m learning so many fascinating things in a field of science completely new to me!