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Robyn Ramirez
Contact Info

My name is Robyn Ramirez. I am currently a senior Health Sciences Pre-PA major with a Medical Spanish minor. I am from Ellicott City, Maryland and I've been working at the planetarium now for about a year. I first got involved working at the planetarium when I realized that I would be taking over the Astronomy Club here at JMU and that no one that would be returning knew how to operate the equipment. I spoke with Shanil about this and he was more than happy to help me learn and even offered me a job! I've been very excited and passionate about the planetarium since I’ve started working here. I like to travel, go to concerts and music festivals, and I love to be able to see the world as much as possible. I’m fluent in Spanish and plan to be moving back to Spain to be with my family and attend medical school there in two years!