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Caitlin McDermott
Contact Info

Grad Student
Interdisciplinary Liberal Studies/Elementary Education with Math/Science concentration
Lynchburg, VA

I have been working at the planetarium since my sophomore year in 2010.

Astronomy has always been one of my hobbies, ever since I was about 7 years old. I always loved looking at the stars with my stepdad and observing the planets through our telescope. During my freshman year, I became an officer of the JMU Astronomy Club. I spent much of my time in the planetarium since the beginning of my JMU career, and I was determined to figure out how to work the rocket ship-like equipment of the planetarium and share my passion with the world. And so my John C. Wells Planetarium career began!

The kitchen is my science laboratory. I love experimenting and making up new recipes (baking in particular). Sharing these recipes with friends and family makes it even better!

As for my post-JMU life, I am hoping to teach in an upper elementary classroom in Virginia. I will definitely encourage my students to explore astronomy and shoot for the stars!