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Office: Cleveland 107


B.A. The Ohio State University
M.A. The Ohio State University
PhD (Candidate) The Ohio State University


Professor Fitzpatrick’s research “Sexuality through the Eyes of the Orisa: Ifa and the Sacredness of Sexuality in Post-colonial Trinidad & Tobago” explores the inter-connectedness of spirituality and sexuality in Yorùbá cosmology and philosophical thought in the African Diaspora. More specifically, it examines concepts of gender within the African Diasporic spiritual system of Ifa/Orisa and the pantheon of deities in post-colonial Trinidad and Tobago. Orisa is a syncretic Afro-Trinidadian spiritual system rooted in the West African Yorùbá sacred tradition of Ifa (located in present-day Nigeria).


Professor Fitzpatrick has taught the 1121/1122 sequence in early African Civilizations to 1870 and the post-colonial period at The Ohio State University (OSU) for the past seven (7) years.
Professor Fitzpatrick is currently the recipient of the 2017 Preparing Future Faculty (PFF) Fellowship.

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