Assistant Professor of Religion

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Contact Info

Office: Cleveland Hall 315

Fax: (540) 568-8072


B.A./M.A. Free University of Berlin (Germany)

Research Fellow at Institut Français du Proche Orient in Damascus, Syria

Reid Hall Visiting Scholar (Middle East Studies) at Columbia University, NY

M.A. and Ph.D. at Georgetown University, Washington DC

Post-doctoral Teaching Fellow at Millsaps College, Jackson, MS

Dr. Fischbach is an Islamic studies scholar, specializing in Qur'anic Studies, Hermeneutics, and interreligious dialogue. Most of her research focuses on Lebanon and Syria, but she has also undertaken research in Morocco and Saudi-Arabia. A particular passion of hers is the ambiguity of pre-modern Islam and the impact of modern epistemologies, colonialism, and imperialism on Muslim thought, practice, and social organization. She is currently finalizing her book “Politics of Scripture: Discussions of the Historical-Critical Approach.”

She teaches courses on the Qur'an, Islam, religion and violence, gender and Islam, writing and reasoning, and world religions.

Publications and Forthcoming Research

“Der diskrete Charme des Ayatollah: Warum Scheich Fadlallah im Libanon wie ein Star gefeiert wird.” Zenith 3 (2008): 30 – 34.

“Review of Martyrium und Messianismus: Die Geburtsstunde des Bahā'ītums by Sasha Dehghani.” Journal of Arabic Literature 44.1 (2013): 113-118.

“Review of Zeitgenössische islamische Positionen zu Koexistenz und Gewalt, ed. by Tilman Seidensticker.” Journal of Arabic Literature 44.2 (2013): 397 – 400.

“Interfaith Dialogue in Lebanon: Between a Power Balancing Act and Theological Encounters” (co-authored with Yvonne Yazbeck Haddad). Islam and Christian-Muslim Relations 26 (2015): 1 – 20.

“Enlightening Engagement” (co-authored with Rachel Friedman), Critical Muslim 14 (2015), 87 – 103.

“Contesting Method. Muslim Responses to the Application of the Historical-Critical Approach to the Qur'ān.” Journal of the Middle East and Africa 7.1. (2016): 39 – 59.

“Rereading the Qur'ān – Challenging traditional authority: Political implications of contemporary Qur'ān scholarship,” Journal of the Middle East and Africa 8.1. (2017): 1 – 20.

“Review of The Silent Qur'ān and the Speaking Qur'ān” (forthcoming, accepted by BUSTAN).


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