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Classical Studies

The minor in classical studies introduces students to the literature, culture, philosophy, history and languages of Greco-Roman civilization. The requirement is successful completion of 24 credits chosen from the following courses offered by participating academic units. Students who take Latin or Greek can apply up to 12 credit hours to the minor.

Required Courses Credit Hours
Choose one of the following: 3
HUM 250. Foundations of Western Culture: The Greek Experience
HUM 250. Foundations of Western Culture: The Roman Experience
Choose seven of the following: 21
GRK 101-102. Elementary Greek
GRK 231-232. Intermediate Greek
LAT 101-102. Elementary Latin
LAT 231-232. Intermediate Latin
ARTH 205. Survey of Work Art I: Prehistoric to Renaissance
ARTH 322. Ancient Art
ARTH 340. Early Medieval Art
ARTH 424. Arts of Ancient Egypt
CLAS 100. Greek and Latin Roots of English Words
CLAS 265. The Individual and Society in Ancient Greece and Rome
CLAS 266. Greek and Roman Classics in Translation
CLAS 337. Human Values: The Classical Tradition
CLAS 360. Topics in Greek and Roman Culture
ENG 305. Mythology
HIST 101. World History to 1500
HIST 369. Greek History, 3000 BC – AD 267
HIST 391. Travel Studies Seminar
HIST 455. World Political and Social Thought to Early Modern Times
HIST 467. The Roman Republic
HIST 468. The Roman Empire
HIST 474. The Byzantine Empire
HIST 489. Selected Topics in World History
(when topic is related to Greece or Rome)
PHIL 340. Ancient Greek Philosophy
PHIL 460. Topics in Classical Philosophy
POSC 310. Political Theory Ancient to Early Modern
REL 202. Introduction to the New Testament
REL 240. Jesus and the Moral Life
REL 344. Christianity in the Roman Empire
REL 346. Religions in Greece and Rome
REL 360. History of Western Religious Thought
REL 460. Topics in Ancient Jewish and Early Christian Literature

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