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Parking Impact of Summer 2014 Construction Projects

Faculty, staff and students,

Beginning May 12, summer construction and renovation projects will affect a number of campus parking facilities. Please note the following dates and locations of lot closures:

The following lots and areas will be closed from May 12 through July 4 for replacement of steam lines and other maintenance: C9 Lot, the lot adjacent to Duke Dog Alley on Bluestone Drive; Gibbons Service Area, consisting of meter and service vehicle spaces adjacent to the Gibbons loading dock on Bluestone Drive; a portion of E Lot, located across from PC Dukes. Handicap spaces in E Lot will be relocated temporarily to another section of the lot during the project.

B Lot, the faculty/staff lot behind Burruss Hall, will be closed from May 12 through August 15 for roof replacement and lot maintenance.

C11 Lot, the Commuter lot across from the Festival closest to Reservoir Street, will be closed May 12 through August 3 for staging of maintenance to the field hockey and soccer fields on East Campus.

A portion of C12 Lot, located across from Festival adjacent to Carrier Drive, will be closed for installation of a traffic light and turning lanes from May 12 through July 12.

M Lot, the lot between Miller and Duke Halls, and V Lot, the lot between Cleveland and Johnston Halls, will be closed May 19 through June 6 for redesign.

A portion of N6 Lot, the faculty/staff lot across from the Student Success Center, will be closed throughout the summer for repairs to the Skywalk on Mason Street.

Beginning this summer, the ground and second levels of the Cantrell Avenue Parking Deck, located adjacent to the Wine-Price building and Grace Street Parking Deck, will be closed due to demolition and construction of Montpelier Hall. The levels will remain closed until completion of the Montpelier Hall project in summer 2016.

Beginning May 12, work will begin to replace the lighting in the Grace Street Parking Deck. During the project, small portions of the deck will be closed as lights are installed. The rest of the Grace Street Parking Deck will remain available during this time.

We appreciate your patience during these projects and apologize for any inconvenience. If you have any questions about alternative parking lots, please contact the Parking Services office at 568-3300 during regular business hours, or at parkingquestions@jmu.edu.

Thank you, Parking Services

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