Freshman Move-In Day at JMUResources 

We expect parents and family members to play an active role in the success of your JMU student. The challenge is how to be involved while ensuring that your student is the one making the decisions, learning the lessons and taking healthy risks. What makes this hard (and for some downright scary) is that your student has to learn how to balance newfound freedoms with an immense degree of responsibility.

Below are some resources  other JMU parents have found helpful during this time of learning and development.


Get Involved!

There are several ways for parents and grandparents to get involved with the university. There's the Parents Council, which serves as a liaison between the university and parents. Parents and grandparents can also provide valuable help to current student by serving as mentors in Professional Network (Recruit A Duke). Through the JMU Office of Career and Academic Planning, Recruit A Duke mentors provides current students advice and assistance that can help with their career development, from identifying a major to determining a career field of interest.

Campus Safety & Personal Responsibility

Dear Parents: We would like to welcome your child to the Shenandoah Valley and the city of Harrisonburg. Our area boasts one of the most beautiful landscapes as well as a strong economy, diverse culture, low crime rates and high-quality schools...However, please be aware that crime does occur throughout the city as well as in the college area. We ask that you talk to your child about personal responsibility to do the right thing but more importantly to not become a victim...

Suggested Readings

Many parents have found the following books helpful in preparing for and adjusting to their student's new life in college.

  1. Letting Go: A Parent's Guide to Understanding the College Years by Karen Levin Coburn and Madge Lawrence Treeger
  2. Don't Tell Me What to Do, Just Send Money: The Essential Parenting Guide to College by Helen E. Johnson and Christine Schelhas-Miller
  3. Guide to the College Experience by Jacqueline Kiermana MacKay and Wanda Johnson
  4. When Your Kids go to College: A Parent's Guide to Changing Relationships by Barbara Newman and Philip Newman
  5. Millennials Rising: The Next Great Generation by N. Howe and W. Strauss
  6. Millennials Go to College by N. Howe and W. Strauss
  7. Generations by N. Howe and W. Strauss

Scholarships at JMU

Encourage your incoming first-year student to apply for one of the many scholarships being offered by the Office of Financial Aid, the Office of Admissions and JMU Alumni Chapters. The Office of Financial Aid also offers scholarships to current students.

Send a Care Package!

SHAPE (Students Helping Advise, Plan and Energize), an Office of Residence Life student group, sponsors a care package program to help parents and family members connect with their student(s) during critical times of the year. Mailings are sent home during the year, and proceeds from this program are used for student leadership opportunities and programing.


Other Parent Resources

Career and Academic Planning invites you to learn about how their services can help your student, with words of advice from other parents.

Center for Multicultural Student Services(CMSS) celebrates diversity by heightening awareness and educating our constituents about cultural and ethnic diversity.

The Counseling & Student Development Center has information pertaining to college adjustment and a program for incoming students with existing mental health concerns.

The Office of International Programs answers the frequently asked questions of parents whose students plan to study abroad.

Orientation has special information for families of incoming freshmen.

Questions about student privacy? The Registrar has collected information on FERPA for parents.

Office of Student Accountability and Restorative Practices hopes to partner with parents to curb alcohol and drug abuse and promote responsibility within the JMU community.

Fraternity & Sorority Life is dedicated to helping you better understand the opportunities that Greek Life at JMU has to offer your son or daughter.

Parents of students with disabilities can find specialized information at the Office of Disability Services Web site.

Finally, the Office of Financial Aid has help to guide you through the financial aid process.