Parent of the Year Award

**Application deadline September 21, 2014.**

Sponsored by the JMU Parents Council

Parent of the Year Application

Want to show your parent(s)/guardian(s) just how much you appreciate everything they’ve done for you? Then nominate them for the 2014 Parent of the Year award!

This award is given to the parent(s)/guardian(s) of a current James Madison University student, and selection is based upon an application process.  Therefore, take a moment to review the award criteria and guidelines below and submit your application nominating your exceptional parent(s)/guardian(s) as the 2014 Parent of the Year.

Criteria and Guidelines

  1. The Parent of the Year Award recognizes a parent(s)/guardian(s) who made a significant impact to the life of a JMU student.
  2. The Parent of the Year recipient must attend the annual JMU Family Weekend, as this award is presented at the football game pre-show on October 11th.
  3. All entries will be judged in strict confidentiality by the 2014 Parent of the Year Award Committee, comprised of faculty and student ambassadors. Your name and information will be removed from the application to ensure an unbiased decision.
  4. All current JMU students are eligible to nominate their parent(s)/guardian(s) for this award.
  5. The Parent of the Year Award does not discriminate against non-traditional households.
  6. The recipient(s) will receive an award certificate and gift basket of various items presented by President Jonathan Alger and Mrs. Mary Ann Alger; Parents Council Chairs; Sherry King, Director of Parent Relations and Office of Parent Relations Student Assistant.
  7. By submitting this form, you are granting the Office of Parent Relations permission to mail your nominee(s) a copy of the submitted entry form and all related documentation. Recipient(s) will be notified on October 1st.


For questions, please contact the Office of Parent Relations at (540) 568-3190 or via e-mail at

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Part II. Short Answer & Essay

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Part III. Submission

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**The recipient will be selected and notified via email on Monday, Sept. 30, 2013**