Parents Council Application

**Application deadline for the 2014-15 year is August 8, 2014.**


Parents Council Application

WHAT: The JMU Parents Council provides an opportunity to participate in the university’s dynamic programs. Formed in 1978, the council involves parents in JMU affairs and provides a forum for exchanging information about JMU activities and programs.

WHO: Council members represent each of the four classes and are eligible to serve for four years or until their children are no longer enrolled at JMU. Both married couples and single parents can be members.

PURPOSE: The Parents Council serves as a liaison between the university and parents, provides advice and guidance to the Division of University Advancement on programs related to parents, and serves as an effective spokesperson and advocate for the university.

RESPONSIBILITIES: JMU Parents Council members must participate in the Parents Fund and attend the meeting held on the Friday of Family Weekend in the fall and/or the spring meeting. Council members serve on one of five subcommittees: academics, enrollment services, finance and physical development, resource development or student life. Guest speakers, including administrators, coaches, faculty members and students, are invited to the meetings to discuss various aspects of campus life.

Parents Council members serve as hosts at their geographic area’s Freshman Send-Off Picnic. Held each year in July and August, the picnics are an opportunity for the council members to meet JMU’s newest Dukes and to answer any last-minute questions from the freshmen parents.

Parents Council members participate in at least one of the three JMU admission’s “Choices” programs for admitted freshmen and their families to come and explore the JMU campus for a day. The prospective students interact with university admin-istrators, professors and students; learn more about academic programs; and become familiar with student support services. Council members have the opportunity to talk with parents of prospective students to encourage enrollment.

OTHER OPPORTUNITIES: Parents Council members have other opportunities for involvement including assisting at job fairs, recruitment efforts and regional receptions, and contacting legislators.

If you are interested in being considered for membership, please complete the attached application. Applicants will be selected for telephone interviews conducted by the council chairpersons. Final selection and notification will take place by the end of August.

Today's Date: April 18, 2014

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