ISTE-T Program Details
  • Participants can enroll as an individual or with a cohort with their school district.
  • Program length is 12 months.
  • The program operates in Canvas, our online learning platform.
  • Participants must be active in their use of technology in their instructional practices to be successful in completing the program requirements.
  • Throughout this course, participants compare their instructional technology use against the five ISTE Teacher Standards (twenty rubrics) by submitting current and/or past examples of how technology is incorporated in their instructional practices. Evaluators teaching the course provide coaching and feedback on each submission.
    • The types of technologies used by each participant are not evaluated. Any type of technology chosen by the participant can be used. Evaluators assess how the technology is used and whether the process meets the requirements of the standard/rubric.
  • Upon successful completion of the program, a participant will show themselves to be an educational leader who is very knowledgeable in the ISTE Teacher Standards, and who exemplifies the highest level of technology integration in the classroom.
ISTE-T Certification

ISTE-T Certification

$450 per student

Optional 3 graduate credits upon completion.
$290 and a $20 non-refundable application fee

ISTE-T Program Evaluator Training Course

ISTE-T Program Evaluator Training Course

3 graduate credits

Fall 2017 Rates:
In-state - $311/credit hour
Out-of-state - $321/credit hour


Graduate Credit. James Madison University awards graduate credits to teachers who complete some or all ISTE-T courses.

Cost-effectiveness. We offer ISTE-T Certification to individuals, schools, divisions, or districts at a surprisingly reasonable cost.

Flexibility. Pursue your certification at your own pace, from any location. ISTE-T Certification is implemented in conjunction with any existing professional development program in an online format.

Teacher retention. The development of a learning community through ISTE-T Certification may assist in retaining teachers who might otherwise leave the division.

Impact on achievement. ISTE-T-certified participants report a positive effect on student achievement, as measured by state standards of learning.

Professional Leadership. The earning of an ISTE-T Certificate establishes the teacher as a leader in Educational Technology, qualified to lead Professional Development in their school district.

Collaborative cohorts. We provide face-to-face, synchronous, and asynchronous learning experiences where teachers work collaboratively towards their ISTE-T Certification.

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