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Below is a list of class descriptions from our 2018 program:

New program options will be listed for the 2019 program prior to opening of registration.


Mixed Media Mania (1st - 4th grades)

Come one, come all to this fantastic show of art, where every day is new and exciting! Students will be getting crazy creative with a variety of media and art projects that will satisfy every young and budding artist. Each media will be linked to an artist or an art style. By the end of the session, students will become masters of mixed media!

Taste of Culture (1st - 4th grades)

Students in this class will chop, measure, mix and cook dishes inspired by cultures from around the globe. In addition to cooking, we’ll play games, make art and explore the history of a different country each week.  We’ll learn about Brazil, Japan, India, Greece, and Ethiopia. The final week we'll take a look at how these cultures and more have influenced the way we eat in the United States and will treat our families to a yummy traditional American dessert.

Lego Engineering (1st - 4th grades) 

This class is for young Lego enthusiasts who are ready to delve into the world of engineering and computer coding.   Each week, students will be presented with a different LEGO Engineering challenge designed to spark their creativity and put their technical problem solving skills to work.  Participants will also get to work in teams to build and program Lego robots using the We-Do Lego curriculum and Scratch programming language.

Exploring "STEM" (1st - 4th grades) 

Dive into STEM (science technology, engineering and math) in a fun hands on way! This class will offer project based learning that provides students with an excellent opportunity to explore STEM fields with a main focus on science. Students will learn how to think and work like real engineers, scientists, creative designers and developers! They will have the opportunity to work on cool projects and experiments, engage in hands on activities and develop real world products. 

Kung Fu for Kids (2nd - 6th grades)

Kung Fu is comprised of several hundred different fighting styles developed in China over thousands of years and made popular through the films of Bruce Lee, Jet Li, and Jackie Chan. Kung Fu is also a fun way for both boys and girls to achieve physical fitness and mental focus. Come learn from the Changquan, Hung Gar, and Wing Chun systems of Chinese martial arts while developing balance, strength and speed.

NOTE: Unlike a lot of martial arts, Kung Fu is practiced with shoes on, so please wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing and athletic shoes to class.

Scratch Programming (4th - 6th grades) 

Come put your imagination to work by designing your own interactive stories, games, and animations! Scratch is a computer programming language that makes it fun to practice basic coding concepts. Learn how to make characters move around the screen, interact with other characters, and respond with sound effects.

Dramatic Exploration (1st - 4th grades) 

During this class, your child will be given the opportunity to expand their imagination through the power of play. Over the course, we will create a small showcase with your child by using theatre games, song, and dance. By working together, students will learn the importance of teamwork, focus, confidence, and a variety of developmental skills that aid in creating theatre art.


The Final Frontier: Creative Exploration Through Drama (5th- 8th grades) 

Explore new worlds and expand your horizons through drama and theatre. Students will participate in theatre games and exercises to build ensemble, express themselves, and create original work. If you are interested in designing, creating, and performing, this is the class for you!

Python Programming (7th - 8th grades) 

Discover a new world of creativity and self-expression using computer programming! Learn to compose your own music, draw 2D graphics, and make robots dance. Come see why Python is the most popular language for teaching introductory computer science at top-rated universities. 

Art through the Artist's Eyes (5th - 8th grades)

Come and learn the biographies of artists while we re-create their work. Have you ever heard of Frank Stella, Julian Stanczak or Victor Vasarely? Each week we will discover a different modern artist. Be ready to create paper sculptures, collage cats, and op art!

Tinker with Arduino (6th - 8th grades)

Come explore the exciting world of micro controllers and DIY electronic projects.  Arduino is an open-source electronics platform based on easy-to-use hardware and software. Arduino boards are able to read inputs - light on a sensor, a finger on a button, or a Twitter message - and turn it into an output - activating a motor, turning on an LED, publishing something online. You can tell your board what to do by sending a set of instructions to the microcontroller on the board.  In this course you’ll learn all the basics like how to blink an led, control a servo, and much more.  You’ll also build and keep your own Stranger Things alphabet sign and be able to have it spell out any message you’d like.  This course is perfect if you’re curious about how computers work and you want to learn how to build your own cool electronic devices.

Winter Farm to Table (5th - 8th grades)

Explore the journey that your food makes from farm to table and learn to make fresh, delicious foods like cider, butter, ricotta cheese, and pumpkin-flavored ice cream from raw milk; create mouthwatering chopped winter salads by mastering the time-honored tradition of fermentation to make kimchi, lacto-fermented beets and turnips, and quick-pickled carrots; and practice self-care in the winter by making your own peppermint lip balm and calendula skin salve with a gift from the bees that pollinate our crops: beeswax. As we cook, we’ll explore the industrial food system and compare it to more local, sustainable food systems, discuss the costs and benefits of each, and brainstorm ways to reenvision our own food habits.

Web Development (6th - 8th grades)

Are you curious about how Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter work? Have you ever wanted to create your own website to share with friends and family? Then come and learn the basics of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript programming. If you like being creative and working with computers, this course is for you!

Earth System Exploers (7th & 8th grades) 

Participants will use a spherical display, a computer simulator, and other tools to explore our Earth system and global environment.  They will also tour sustainability projects on campus.  In addition to learning science content, participants will gain an appreciation of spatial thinking, data visualization, and modeling.

Lego Robotics (5th - 8th grades) 

Learn to design, build, and program Lego NXT Robots. You'll learn how the physics of torque, torsion and stress affect robot performance. Learn how to program all the sensors and motors, software loops and switches, and parallel program execution.  The class will end with a mini-competition based on a FIRST Lego League Challenge.

Nutrition: Healthy Body = Healthy Life (7th & 8th grades)

Define, stratagize and acheive your own health goals! Experience "whole life health" while discovering key roles played by not just food and nutrition, but exercise, healthy relationships, communication, goal setting and healthy habit habit information.. 

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