If you are looking for a way to enhance your management and leadership skills and boost your professional recognition for career advancement, the CM certification is the solution!

JMU Outreach & Engagement has partnered with the Institute of Certified Professional Managers to offer the Certified Manager (CM®) Certification program.

The CM is a general management certification for managers in any industry and a reliable indicator of managerial competence and leadership potential. The CM study materials present quality standards of management practice and provide tools and principles you can put to use on-the-job right away. Upon meeting eligibility requirements and passing 3 CM exams, you will earn the right to use the CM professional credential which recognizes managerial competency and leadership potential worldwide. The online program can be completed anywhere in the world.

To be eligible for CM certification, an applicant must document at least 10 total points and meet the minimum point requirement for both education and experience.

What Content Areas are Covered by the CM® Certification?

CM certification is appropriate for mid-level managers and leaders working in all industries. The CM body of knowledge covers the following essential skills and content areas:

MS I: Management  Fundamentals

  • roles, skills and functions
  • managers v. leaders
  • ethics/social responsibility
  • managing globally
  • managing sustainability
  • communication
  • decision making
  • information technology
  • risk management
  • economics


MS II: Planning + Organizing

  • organizational structure
  • formulating strategy
  • operations management
  • project management
  • high performance teams
  • HR management
  • managing diversity
  • coaching + feedback
  • networking + mentoring
  • running effective meetings


MS III: Leading + Controlling

  • leading effectively
  • motivation
  • managing change
  • conflict + negotiation
  • managing misbehavior
  • time/stress management
  • operations control
  • quality management
  • financial statements/ratios
  • financial management


What are the Benefits of ICPM’s Certified Manager® Certification?

CM certification is highly sought after in today’s workplace because:

  • It enhances management and leadership knowledge, skills and ethics
  • It develops confidence and enhances on-the-job performance
  • It verifies a level of management competency and leadership potential
  • It demonstrates a commitment to continuing professional development
  • It offers a competitive edge for employee selection and advancement
  • It adds credibility to organizations that invest in quality management 

The cost of the program includes:

  • CM application fee
  • 3 CM study materials
  • 3 CM certification exams
  • ICPM e-Learning Center access

You have 15 months in which to pass the 3 CM certification exams from date of approval. *ICPM requires that all CM exams be proctored. An additional fee may apply depending on which proctor option is chosen. This fee is paid at time of exam scheduling.

Program fee: $745.00 + $25.00 shipping for books within the United States. International shipping will vary depending on location; please email our office for further information.

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