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Prospective Students

Adult Degree Program Detailed Information

General Information

  • The Adult Degree Program (ADP) is a non-traditional, Individualized Study Bachelor’s degree completion program.

  • ADP Students are Individualized Study Majors and cannot exclusively follow any of the traditional majors offered at JMU. Individualized Study Majors select courses from two or more subject areas to create their focus of study or Concentration.

  • The Bachelors of Individualized Study is a highly recognized and accepted bachelors degree.  It is one of many conferred degrees from JMU.
  • Prospective students must be 22 years of age and over.

  •  Prospective students must have a minimum of 30 transferable credits and a GPA of 2.0 or higher at previous colleges or universities attended. Transferable credits are any college credits accepted by JMU. Not all credits transfer into JMU.

  •  Accepted students can begin the program at any one of 5 start dates throughout the academic year:

    • Fall 1 (Begins late August)-application deadline is August 1
    • Fall 2 (Begins mid-October)-application deadline is September 15
    • Spring 1(Begins January)-application deadline is December 1
    • Spring 2 (Begins mid-March)-application deadline is February 15
    • Summer (Begins mid-May) –application deadline is April 1
  •  Prospective students who applied to JMU within the previous year and were declined admission cannot apply to ADP until a full calendar year passes from the original application.  It is JMU policy for all applicants to wait a full calendar year before reapplying.  For example, a prospective student applies for admission for the fall 2014 semester and was not accepted.  They are not eligible for application again until fall 2015.


The Application Process

  • Prospects interested in the program should submit the electronic request for information form found here or call the office to set up an appointment to meet with an ADP program advisor at 540-568-4255 or 540-568-6824.
  •  Next, prospects interested in applying to the program should submit transcripts from schools they have attended to the ADP office for transfer credit evaluation at 127 W. Bruce St., MSC 6906 Harrisonburg, VA 22807 or electronically to
  • Once ADP staff receives the transfer evaluation back from the Registrar’s office (a process that can take 2 to 4 weeks), we will email the results to the student.
  • Former JMU students should contact the ADP office directly for information on re-entry to the University.
  • Military veterans are exempt from the 30-credit minimum.  Please contact the ADP office directly.  Find more information on Veterans Educational Benefits at
  • Students who meet eligibility requirements are directed to the online ADP admissions application.
  • Application deadlines are:
    • Fall 1 (Begins late August) –August 1
    • Fall 2 (Begins mid-October) – September 15
    • Spring 1 (Begins January) – December 1
    • Spring 2 (Begins mid-March) – February 15
    • Summer (Begins mid-May) – April 1
  • Applications received after the deadline will be processed for the next admissions term. There are no exceptions.

Program Specifics

  • ADP students receive a Bachelors of Individualized Studies, which means it is an Interdisciplinary degree with a Concentration in two or more areas of study.  Example: You have experience in Computer Customer Service so you would to supplement your skills by creating a Concentration with courses from Computer Science and Communications.
  •  All ADP students are Individualized Study majors.
  •  ADP students do not have minors.
  •  There is no set curriculum for ADP students. They design their own program of study and name their Program Plan based on their career and academic goals and transfer credits.
  •  Incoming ADP students are automatically enrolled in IS 200: Orientation to Individualized Study, a 3-credit class that prepares them for college-level learning and takes them through the process of putting their Program Plan together.
  •  Students in the program can earn a Bachelor of Individualized Study, a Bachelor of Science in Individualized Study, or a Bachelor of Arts in Individualized Study depending on how they structure their Program Plan.
  •  Students must complete requirements in three areas
    • General Education – 41 credits required
      • Social/Behavioral Sciences (6 credits)
      • Humanities (6 credits)
      • Natural Science (6 credits)
      • Written Communication (6 credits)
      • Oral Communication (3 credits)
      • Mathematics (3 credits)
      • US History (4 credits)
      • General Ed Electives (7 credits)
    • Bachelors of Science in Individualized Study additional requirements
      • Natural Science (3 credits) and Mathematics (3 credits)
    • Bachelors of Arts in Individualized Study additional requirements
      • Philosophy (3 credits) and Foreign Language (6 credits) 200-level or higher
    • Individualized Study Core Concentration Area (known as their Concentration)
    • The Concentration consists of courses from two or more areas of study offered by JMU, for example, Communication and Business Technology.
      • Minimum of 30 credits
      • 24 credits must be in the 300- or 400-level
      • Must take IS 498 Senior Research Project (3 or 6 credits) prior to graduating
    • Electives complete remaining credits needed to fulfill 120-credit minimum to graduate.
      • Includes 100- and 200-level introduction courses
      • Credits that transfer in as “000” general credit
  • ADP accepts up to 30 non-traditional credits toward degree requirements. This includes: Students must maintain a GPA of 2.0 or higher to remain in good academic standing.

    • College Level Examination Program (CLEP) score results.  (ADP schedules CLEP exams for both ADP and non-ADP students. Contact the ADP office for additional information or to schedule an exam.)
    • Portfolios of Prior Learning Experience (Portfolios must be submitted to a JMU faculty member for evaluation. Contact the ADP office for additional information.)
  •  Student must earn a minimum of 120 credits, from classes taken at JMU and transferred into JMU, in order to graduate.

    • 60 of those 120 credits must be earned at a 4-year college or university.
    • Of those 60 credits, at least 30 must be earned at JMU.