“My experience in the circle was very positive and uplifting. Everyone was honest and fully open with each other when talking about their experience. You could tell when people spoke that they knew they had made a mistake and were willing to go to certain measures to fix it.”

 “I felt that it really brought us together and allowed us to talk about a lot of the touchy subjects that we had been going through.”

“This situation and experience made me think about the outcomes my actions have caused because my actions affect everyone and not just me. I realize that I have a responsibility as a student and as a citizen in general.”

“I always knew that the JMU community was a great community, but how this incident pulled people of all aspects of the community together really stuck out to me. It makes me want to became a bigger part of my community.”

 “I learned that they create a safe space for people to talk about tough subjects and our group felt stronger.”

“The experience of the circle gave me the opportunity to put faces to the people who my actions directly affected and if I would have known the harm one little action could do, I would have never done it.”

“I remember developing a plan for a healthy balance between being co-workers and also being friends.”

“Participating in the circle felt safe, I did not think other people were judging me.  In fact most of them were in the same situation I was in.”

“Environment among [the group] has definitely improved. It's not as awkward as before and everyone is super respectful and gets along in a manner comparable to the beginning of the year!”

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