No student shall engage in any activity or behavior which endangers the lives or safety of that student or of others. No student shall fail to adhere to stated safety requirements set by academic and/or recreational organizations. Activities carried out in appropriate classes or laboratories under faculty guidance are not covered under this policy. This policy prohibits but is not limited to the following activities:

J6-101 The use, possession, or false reporting of fireworks, firecrackers, gunpowder, ammunition, firearms or any dangerous chemicals, explosive materials, or incendiary devices on campus. Students may register and store firearms and ammunition with the JMU Police under University Policy 1105.

J6-102 Inappropriate or dangerous use of fires, open flames or other flammable materials on campus. This includes the unsafe or inappropriate disposal of smoking materials.

J6-103 Blocking or in any way preventing use of fire exit doors, handicapped ramps, residence hall room doors, classroom and office doors, and building hallways on campus, except as specifically directed in cases of intruder alerts or other serious emergencies.

J6-104 Improper use of electrical appliances or wiring on campus which may create a fire hazard.

J6-105 No physical activity, such as boating, skating, swimming, wading or walking on the ice is allowed in or on Newman Lake and other bodies of water on university properties, including rivers, streams, and fountains. No objects shall be thrown or dropped into bodies of water on university property. (Formerly J20-101)

J6-106 Throwing or causing to be projected any object or substance, which has the potential for damaging or defacing university or private property or causing personal injury or disruption of activity. (Formerly J28-101) 

J6-107 Operation or possession of a vehicle, bicycle, skateboard, self-balancing or electric scooter (including but not limited to “hover boards”), or similar mode of transportation in an unsafe manner or in an area where it is prohibited.


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