J36-101 No student or student organization shall engage in advertising or selling any goods, services or tickets, nor shall they solicit for any purpose whatsoever on university property or in university buildings, without first obtaining the written approval of the coordinator of clubs and organizations. Sales and solicitation may only take place in the areas designated by the University Unions. (For activities in residential buildings, refer to J36-103)

J36-101.1 Students or student organizations must obtain written approval from the coordinator of clubs and organizations, before petitioning or surveying students. Surveys that are a part of an academic requirement must be approved by the instructor, academic unit head and college dean before approval will be given by the coordinator of student organization development.

J36-101.2 No student, non-university-related organizations or individuals may sell or solicit on the campus for any purpose whatsoever without first obtaining the sponsorship of a recognized student organization. The sponsoring organization must obtain the written approval of the coordinator of student organization development, make all arrangements for space, acknowledge sponsorship in writing and delineate the financial arrangements between the sponsor and the non-university organization or individual.

J36-101.3 Sales or solicitation involving food items require additional approval by the director of the dining services department. Sales or solicitation of merchandise require additional approval by the director of the university bookstore.

J36-101.4 All students or organizations that solicit off campus on behalf of a group or organization associated with JMU must have the written approval of the Vice President of University Advancement and the University Unions.


J36-102 All students or organizations planning to conduct programs on or off campus requiring a contractual agreement with non-university agencies must obtain the written approval of the director of the University Unions and other pertinent university officials.


J36-103 Soliciting, petitioning, selling, surveying, publicizing and distribution by students, university organizations, non-students and non-university related organizations are prohibited in the residence halls. Programs or demonstrations of approved products and/or topics may be presented in residence halls only under the following conditions:

J36-103.1 The community council agrees to sponsor the program. Approval by a recorded majority vote of the community council shall constitute legitimate sponsorship, subject to the review and approval of the director of residence life.

J36-103.2 Presentations by the sponsored persons or company shall be limited to demonstration or display of merchandise and appropriate promotion; it may not include solicitation or orders, signing of contracts, or exchange of money. The demonstration or promotion shall be such that it does not unreasonably disrupt other hall activities.

J36-103.3 Solicitors may leave calling cards, catalogs or order blanks with students but may not transact business or seek promises for future transactions.

J36-103.4 A member of the residence hall staff must be present to observe the program.

J36-103.5 No resident of the hall, community council member or member of the hall staff may profit from presentation by virtue of his or her role in securing sponsorship for the solicitor. Free gifts, commissions or any other forms of remuneration are not allowed.

J36-103.6 Door prizes, discounts or any other form of free gifts used to promote attendance or to encourage interest must be available to all on an equal basis.

J36-103.7 No door-to-door solicitation or distribution is permitted.

J36-103.8 All programs falling under the definition of this policy must be registered in advance with the director of residence life or his/her designee. 


J36-104 Advertising the sale of alcoholic beverages without an Alcoholic Beverage Control Board license or any phrase or symbol, which would lead the reader to believe that alcohol will be served or consumed, is prohibited. Students must contact the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs to obtain an ABC license.


J36-105 Posters, notices, announcements or other materials may only be displayed on general-purpose bulletin boards inside authorized university-operated buildings or on authorized university property. The director of the University Unions will define the authorized areas of display for such material. The exterior of academic and administrative buildings as well as all windows, doors and trash receptacles are specifically unauthorized display areas. Materials must be approved by University Information before being posted. Materials with dimensions exceeding 11 inches by 17 inches will not be approved for posting. Refer to the "University Unions" section for more information. Items posted in the residence hall must be submitted to the associate director of residence life in Huffman Hall for a second review. Approval for posting and posting guidelines will be determined and outlined by the Associate Director.


J36-106 No student shall distribute or sell any drug apparatus in any building or on any property owned or operated by the university.


J36-107 Using chalk to display messages or advertise events on campus may only be done on university sidewalks in pre-approved locations. All chalk messages or advertisements are prohibited without appropriate authorization from University Information. 

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