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According to Virginia Law, bicyclists traveling on roadways have all the general rights and duties of drivers of motorized vehicles. When traveling on sidewalks, bicyclists should travel near pedestrian speeds, at like a pedestrian, and yield to pedestrians. It is the responsibility of public safety officials to maintain a safe campus environment through enforcement of those provisions. Where breaches in safe operation of bicycles arise, public safety personnel may refer a student to the Office of Student Accountability and Restorative Practices and a student may be charged with a violation of the Dangerous Practices policy.

Motor vehicle operators should remember that a bicycle is a vehicle with the same rights as an automobile. Before opening doors, check for passing bicyclists. Do not overtake a bicyclist and then make a right turn in front of the bike. Give riders at least three feet of leeway at all times. Both motor vehicle operators and bicyclists should signal intentions, especially when turning to the right.

J1-106.1 Use of a helmet is strongly recommended. (Formerly J110.1)

J1-106.2 Bicyclists must obey all traffic signs, signals, lights and markings as if operating a motor vehicle.

J1-106.3 Bicyclists must signal intentions to stop or turn. (Formerly J1-102)

J1-106.4 Bicyclists should be predictable and ride in a straight line. (Formerly J110.4)

J1-106.5 According to Virginia law, every bicycle ridden between sunset and sunrise must have a white light on its front with the light being visible at least 500 feet to the front. The bicycle must also have a red reflector on the rear, visible 300 feet to the rear. On streets with speed limits of 35mph or greater, a red light visible 500 feet to the rear shall be used in place of or in addition to the red reflector. (Formerly J105.5)

J1-106.6 Bicyclists should use bright colors, lights, and reflective material to be noticed while riding. (Formerly J110.8)

J1-106.7 A person riding on a bicycle must not attach himself/herself or his/her bicycle to any other vehicle on the roadway. (Formerly J105.3)

J1-106.8 No bicycle shall be used to carry more persons at one time than the number of persons for which it was designed or equipped. (Formerly J105.1)

J1-106.9 Do not carry articles which prevent the operator of the bicycle from keeping at least one hand on the handlebars. (Formerly J105.2)

J1-106.10 According to Virginia law, earphones are prohibited while riding a bicycle. (Formerly J105.4)

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