An interim leave and/or referral for disciplinary action may be imposed immediately by the AVP in situations including but not limited to those in which the student:

  • Engages in, or threatens to engage in, behavior which poses a danger of causing physical harm to himself/herself or others.
  • Demonstrates an inability to satisfy personal needs (e.g., nourishment, shelter, etc.) without adequate care such that there is a reasonable possibility that serious physical harm or death might occur within a short period of time.
  • Engages in or threatens to engage in behavior that would cause significant property damage, would directly and substantially impede the lawful activities of others, or would interfere with the educational process and the orderly operation of the university.
  • Fails to comply with the AVP's initial administrative request to meet with the student.
  • Refuses or fails to complete an evaluation in accordance with the procedures outlined above.

A student subject to an interim leave shall be provided notice, which will include a copy of these procedures.

The student shall be given the opportunity, at his/her request, to appear personally before the AVP within two days of the effective start date of the interim leave in order to review only:

  • The reliability of the information on the student's behavior
  • Whether one or more of the criteria for interim leave have been met.

During this meeting, the student may be accompanied by a family member or other adviser. Legal counsel may also accompany the student, although the role of counsel will be limited to providing legal advice to the student. The student will be expected to speak for himself/herself whenever possible.
If the interim leave is deemed appropriate by the AVP, the student will remain on interim leave pending completion of the required evaluation (if needed) and subsequent due process procedures. The student will be allowed to enter the campus to attend hearings, or for other necessary purposes, as authorized in writing by the AVP.

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