Should the student not voluntarily withdraw under the provisions of this policy, the AVP may refer the student for a mandatory evaluation by a licensed psychologist, psychiatrist, medical provider and/or treatment facility chosen by the university. The student shall be informed of this involuntary referral for evaluation in writing, and will also be given a copy of these procedures. At the discretion of the AVP, any pending disciplinary action may be withheld until the evaluation is completed and the appropriateness of a mandatory withdrawal is determined.

The evaluation must be completed within three university business days from the date of receipt of the referral letter, unless an extension is granted in writing by the AVP. The student will be required to sign an authorization to exchange information so that all relevant parties can disclose information needed to make decisions regarding the evaluation process, as well as the delay, modification or waiving of disciplinary proceedings. The original evaluation will be provided to the AVP, and a copy will be provided to the student.

Further procedures under this policy will cease should the evaluation result in a determination of the following criteria:

  • No apparent threat to the safety of himself/herself or others.
  • No inability to satisfy personal needs that might lead to serious physical circumstances or death within a short period of time.
  • No apparent threat to property, the lawful activities of others, or the educational processes and operations of the university.

Should the evaluation result in a determination that the student should take an administrative leave from the university, the student shall be informed in writing of this recommendation and of the student's right to an administrative hearing.

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