Administrative Hearing

A student for whom an involuntary leave has been recommended may request an administrative hearing before the Associate Vice President (AVP) or designee (hereafter referred to as the "hearing officer").

The following provisions will apply:

  • The student will submit a written request to the AVP within two university business days from the date of receipt of the recommendation letter. The hearing date will normally be set within three university business days following receipt of the request. Pending completion of the hearing, the student is subject to interim leave but shall be allowed on campus to attend the hearing or for other necessary purposes, as authorized in writing by the AVP.
  • The student will be requested to authorize the hearing officer and other hearing participants to have access to relevant materials deemed necessary for the hearing process.
  • The case file shall include the evaluation prepared by the health professional, other documents under consideration and the names of prospective witnesses. Upon the request of any involved party, the health professional that conducted and prepared the evaluation will be requested to appear at the hearing and respond to relevant questions; however, this may occur only if the hearing officer determines that such participation is essential to the fair resolution of the case.
  • The administrative hearing shall be conversational and non-adversarial. The hearing may be conducted in the absence of a student who fails to appear after proper notice.
  • Whenever possible, the student will be expected to speak for himself/herself and to respond to questions asked by the hearing officer. The student may choose to be assisted by a faculty or staff member of the university, a licensed health professional, or legal counsel. The role of the assistant is limited to providing advice to the student.
  • The student shall be informed in writing of the hearing officer's determination and reasons for that decision as soon as is practical following the hearing.
  • The decision of the hearing officer is effective upon being conveyed to the student and is not subject to appeal.

If the decision for administrative leave is upheld, it may include conditions and requirements necessary for reinstatement if the hearing officer believes that future re-enrollment at the university is an option. In most cases, a grade of "W" will be entered for all courses in which the student is currently enrolled. Reasonable efforts will be made to refer the student for appropriate mental and/or physical health services.

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